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5 Fun and Interesting Uses For Use In Your Home and Business

Ice rules. It comes in all shapes and sizes and it can serve just about any purpose. It’s great for cleaning, even better for eating. That’s what we always say, anyway. 

We thought It’d be fun to run down a quick list of some of the interesting ways you can use ice in your home or business. From carpet to well, carpet, here are five ways you can use ice beyond chilling your favorite beverages.

1. Solve a Sticky Situation

There’s only one place gum belongs, and it’s not on the carpet. Special shoutout to silly putty. Once that toy becomes one with your fabric, it just never seemed to come out. 

That is until your old pal ice cube stopped by (sadly, we don’t mean THE Ice Cube, but we wish he was our pal). If you find yourself in a sticky situation, apply an ice cube or two to the affected area. Let the gum, toy, spilled food—whatever it is—get as close to frozen as possible. Then, apply an assertive amount of friction. Think of an ice cube as the first line of defense for a carpet-related mess. For most issues, an ice cube does the trick! 

Oh, and if you do get gum caught in your hair, we’re sorry. That’s just never fun for anyone.

2. Fix Those Dreaded Carpet Dents

One of the worst things about furniture is the damage it can do to your flooring and carpet. We’ve been there. You want to rearrange your family room, but stop the second you move that couch and see those dreaded carpet dents. Will they ever come out? 

With ice cubes, they sure can. Fill each dent with an ice cube, let it fully melt, then use a coarse brush or utensil to flatten out the carpeting. This will take some serious elbow grease. So be sure to get in there.

3. Dispose of Garbage in Your Disposal

Your garbage disposal makes your post-dinner cleanup duties a breeze. But sometimes it can really slow down. Over time, it’ll start to smell too. What can you do to make your disposal work for you again? 

While your disposal used to, well, dispose, without a hitch, all of that organic matter has caused a build-up of rotting food, grease, and biofilm. It’s gross stuff, but thankfully ice is here to save the day.

If your buildup is moderate, toss a few ice cubes into your disposal with a little bit of saltwater. Turn that disposal on and let the music begin. You’ll know it’s working when you can barely hear yourself think. All of that rattling and crunching is the ice cubes smacking against the walls and blades of your disposal, dislodging build-up. 

If a foul odor or reduced efficiency remains after doing this, then it’s time to call a professional to service that disposal.

4. Clean Jars, Bottles, and Vases With Gumption!

This is almost the same exact tip as before, but with fewer blades. Skinny vases, jars, bottles, whatever you have, are tough to clean. How are you supposed to get in there? Some vendors sell specially designed, yet expensive, brushes to clean the inside of your belongings. But there’s a cheaper and more efficient way to do it. Ice cubes! Did you see that one coming?

Toss a few ice cubes, a spritz of lemon, and a sprinkle of salt into the narrow container. Give it a gentle to vigorous shake. Pour the ice out, rinse, and let dry. Boom, your vintage vase, tiny little jar, or reusable bottle is crystal clean again.

5. Reheat Leftovers the Wet Way

Nobody likes dry leftovers. Ice cubes can solve that problem for you. If you’re heating something that dries out super fast in the microwave, try placing an ice cube on top or to the side. The melted cube keeps your food moist, hydrated, and just as tasty as the night before.

Ice is Nice with Memphis Ice

Well, that was a fun one. We love all things ice here at Memphis Ice. And if you’re reading this, then that must mean you do too. It’s a miracle food that has changed the way we live. Who knows, maybe in a hundred years we’ll find a hundred more fun and interesting ways to use ice in our day-to-day lives.

Be sure to read our blog, The Scoop, every week for more fun ice information, as well as details about our products and services offered to our MidSouth Memphis community. Or if you prefer a weekly newsletter, well then don’t worry, because we have that too.

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