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All About Ice-O-Matic

At Memphis Ice Machine Company, there’s one relationship that has transcended space and time, and that’s our partnership with Ice-O-Matic. Back in the ‘80s when teased perms, brightly colored clothing, and power suits were what was cool, Ice-O-Matic began what is still today a fruitful partnership.

You may already be familiar with some of the reasons we’re proud to be partners with Ice-O-Matic, but you can never have too much of a good thing, so we’re going to get into even more reasons to choose Ice-O-Matic.

But if we may: a quick moment to pat ourselves on the back.

Memphis Ice Machine Was a Top Quota Buster

In the tailend of last year, we were thrilled to hear the announcement that we were what Ice-O-Matic calls a “Quota Buster.” So, what’s that mean exactly?

Memphis Ice Machine Company was one of three distributors in the country to exceed their projected sales for ice machine equipment. Besides the humble pride of being a top distributor in the nation, we’re also thrilled knowing that each piece of equipment sold was a reliable, efficient, and top of its class machine.

Sustainability — Before It Was Cool

Since 1952, Ice-O-Matic has been revolutionizing the ice machine industry with innovative, easy-to-use, and sustainable products. Nowadays, the trends continues. Here’s a look at how this American-based company continues to protect the planet while providing reliable products:

  • Recycling. Their single-stream recycling process allows them to recycle up to 30% more than if they didn’t have the system implemented.

  • Greener Manufacturing. Ice-O-Matic is aware of the impact they have on the environment, for better or worse. Because of that, their facilities uses high-efficiency light bulbs, large ceiling fans rather than air conditioners (don’t worry — they’re located in Denver and installed a white roof to reflect the sun’s rays to keep things cool), and energy-efficient parts when available.

  • Zero Runoff. Runoff is a major source of water pollution because of the impurities it filters into water streams from  litter, petroleum, chemicals, fertilizers, and other toxic substances. At Ice-O-Matic, they conduct wastewater cleaning and have an environmental disposal company pickup the mess. The result? They’re classified by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment for having zero runoff.

  • Low Water Usage. At the Ice-O-Matic plant, they used to go through 9,000 gallons of water  per day through the rigorous cleaning process required in manufacturing plants. However, today they have reduced their water consumption to only be 6,000 gallons per day. 

    Ice-O-Matic sets the standard for manufacturing plants across the nation in being an example for being both efficient, reliable, and conscious about the planet at the same time. And we love their slogan: “It's a small planet. Treat it with respect.”

    New Undercounter Gourmet Cube Machines On the Horizon

    Looking towards the future for Ice-O-Matic, they have plans to release a new Undercounter Gourmet Cube (UGC) that we’re excited to get stocked in. 

    Gourmet ice cubes (sometimes referred to as “top hat” or “octagon-shaped” ice) will offer businesses a new way to delight customers with fancy drinks. The nearly 100% ice-to-water ratio allows the cube to melt slowly. 

    Besides its fun shape, gourmet ice cubes are also effective at cooling drinks while presenting creative opportunities for eye-catching presentations. The crystal clear, elegant look is one that will be hard to resist.

    Rent or Buy an Ice-O-Matic Machine

    Ready to rent or buy an Ice-O-Matic machine? You can get in touch with a technician here.

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