Pearl Ice

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Bring "Sonic Ice" Home: Rent Your Very Own Pearl Ice Machine!

You can bring that drive-thru, restaurant-quality ice to your home right now. No long lines, no driving, no-nonsense. Just an ice machine that makes the Sonic ice that you know and love. And you can rent one right now for as little as $4 a day! 

Sonic ice is actually known as pearl ice. Maybe you’ve heard the term nugget ice, too. They’re all the same thing! And thanks to Ice-O-Matic, the most trusted name in ice, you can rent your very own machine that makes Sonic ice whenever you want.

The Ice-O-Matic pearl ice machine

Quiet. Compact. Quality. The Ice-O-Matic Pearl ice machine is the best of the best. Here are the quick facts that you need to know:

Sonic Ice in a tall glass

bring that sonic ice home.

  • Some machines create up to 85 pounds of ice per day
  • Slow melt rate (no watered-down drinks and treats)
  • Ice that soaks up the flavor—a fun, guilt-free treat!  
  • Pearl ice is soft, chewable, and gentle on teeth. 
  • The ice machines come in three sizes!
  • Features both a Modular and under-counter option to fit any situation
  • Our countertop machine includes a dispenser for easy use

Did Sonic invent pearl ice?

No, but they sure did popularize it.

Nowadays, people are much more likely to know pearl ice as “Sonic ice”. Ask yourself, do you associate Sonic more with their burgers or their ice? Our guess is their fantastic ice. After all, Sonic advertises tens of thousands of drink combinations, all chilled and enjoyed with the pearl ice we crave.

Why was pearl ice created?

The answer is simple: hospitals needed softer ice for patients. Traditional cube ice was too hard. Patients needed water, and traditional cubed ice made it difficult for some patients to drink from a cup and swallow. Instead, patients relied on pearl ice to stay hydrated. In fact, it’s still the most popular ice in both the hospital and hospitality industries for the same exact reason.

The nice ice any time of the year

Pearl ice is a popular treat and option for multiple industries and many households throughout the whole year—not just when it’s hot here in the MidSouth. Spring, summer, winter, fall…pearl ice makes a bubbly beverage for all.

Hospitals need it. Offices crave it. And kids love it. This is the perfect solution to keep your drinks cold and fun at the same time. All you need is the ice machine to make it happen!

Here’s how you can get "Sonic ice" at home right now

We offer a powerful pearl ice machine from Ice-O-Matic, the most trusted name in ice machines. It’s why we’ve worked with them for over 40 years and it’s how we’ve supplied Memphis with the best commercial and residential ice machines on the market.

Pearl Ice Machines from Ice-O-Matic

Our powerful line of modular, dispenser, and under counter pearl ice machines.

Look, we love the classic cubed ice. But pearl ice is special. It’s one of our most popular machines for a reason!

Click here to view our powerful line of modular, dispenser, and under-counter pearl ice machines

Ready to rent? Contact our team of service experts today to learn more about how you can get your very own pearl ice machine.

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