Cool New Year’s Eve Traditions To Welcome 2023

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Cool New Year’s Eve Traditions To Welcome 2023Adios, 2022! It’s time to ring in 2023 with a sampling of cool traditions from around the world. After all, what better way to turn a page in time than by trying something new? Here’s our roundup of cool traditions, superstitions, and customs that will make the start of 2023 a new year …


How Was The Ice Machine Invented?

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How Was The Ice Machine Invented?When you think of modern inventions that have transformed our world, an ice machine may not be the first thing you think of. But stop and ponder this question: What does our world look like without the invention of the ice machine? We’re talking about big picture things, not just the convenience of an ice …


What’s The Freezing Point?

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What’s The Freezing Point?Ice is made up of two ingredients: water and cold temperatures. On a basic level, this is true. But there are several fascinating factors that surround freezing water, and a few exceptions to the rule that make for a fun experiment.  So, if you’ve ever wondered how temperature affects the formation of ice, why some ice is …

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Why Does Ice Float on Water?

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Why Does Ice Float on Water?If ice is just frozen water, why does it float on top of regular water? Why doesn’t ice just sink? If you put a small pebble in water, it’ll sink. So what’s going on with ice? That’s what we’re here to answer. But before we truly understand the properties at work, we need to understand …