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The New Bar Standard: Why Ice-O-Matic’s New UCG Machine is Essential for 2022

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The New Bar Standard: Why Ice-O-Matic’s New UCG Machine is an Essential in 2022If you’ve been following along with our blog posts, chances are you’ve seen one of our recent blog posts about everyone’s new favorite ice machine: the UCG Undercounter Ice Maker. This clean, compact product is the latest piece of equipment from our partner, Ice-O-Matic. To call it …

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Howdy, Partner: Ice-O-Matic

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Howdy, Partner:ice-o-maticEveryone who’s part of Memphis Ice is family. Our employees, our customers—and our partners. We love ice machines, but it’s the people, the values, and the service that give a company its lifeblood and create longstanding relationships. Today we want to talk about our partner, Ice-O-Matic. We’ve been a distributor and preferred servicing agent for Ice-O-Matic since the 80s. …

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Energy-Saving Ice Machines are Here!

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Energy-Saving Ice Machines are Here!Want a more energy efficient ice machine? They’re here! On January 28th, 2018, new energy standards went into effect for commercial ice machines. Back in 2015, The U.S. Department of Energy defined new standards that gave manufacturers until 2018 to start selling ice makers that would use 10 to 25% less energy—and guess what? 2018 has arrived…the new …