Tips to Keep Your Ice Maker Running Through Winter

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Tips to Keep Your Ice Maker Running Through WinterBrrr. Believe it or not, ice makers don’t like ice, snow, or extreme cold. (You’d think ice machines and ice would get along, right? They don’t!)Ideal temperatures for your ice machineYour ice machine cycles between cold and hot. If it can’t get hot enough to clear the ice, or if the water …

Ice-O-Matic energy-saving ice machine

Energy-Saving Ice Machines are Here!

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Energy-Saving Ice Machines are Here!Want a more energy efficient ice machine? They’re here! On January 28th, 2018, new energy standards went into effect for commercial ice machines. Back in 2015, The U.S. Department of Energy defined new standards that gave manufacturers until 2018 to start selling ice makers that would use 10 to 25% less energy—and guess what? 2018 has arrived…the new …

The Memphis Restaurant Association features Memphis Ice Machine Company

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The Memphis Restaurant Association features Memphis Iceto the Modern KitchenWe are so proud to have been featured in the latest issue of The Memphis Restaurant Association’s newsletter. The Memphis Restaurant Association (MRA) is the premiere support organization dedicated to the success of the restaurant industry and community. Thank you MRA! Read the newsletter »