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Commercial Ice Machines: 3 Key Steps for Summertime Success

Summertime in the South means live music, patio dining with your pup, and ice-cold beverages to stay cool. While you kick your feet up and relax, however, somewhere behind the scenes an ice machine is working its hardest! 

The summer months are the most taxing on our cold concoction-perfecting machines. For the best drinks at the hottest times, you need to keep your ice machines in tip-top condition all summer long. Here are the three key steps any business owner should take to keep their commercial ice machine running through the heat.

1. Don't put off cleaning your ice machine.

We understand. Most folks don’t enjoy cleaning — especially ice machines. When you add to the equation nightly specials, fully booked floors, and all of the administrative duties still left to be sorted on your desk in the back, it’s not hard to see how easily this essential task can hit the backburner.

Unfortunately, not cleaning your ice machine regularly can add to up a lot of lost money, time, and business. With that perspective, cleaning isn’t so bad.

The most common comparison made about ice machines is to cars. If you regularly change the oil, the car will take you down many miles. If you neglect to maintain it, its lifespan will shorten and you won’t get the highest quality product you paid for.

At Memphis Ice, we know you’ve got more to worry about than cleaning your ice machine. That’s why our ice machine rental program provides our customers 6-month cleanings — and emergency ice for when the ice hits the fan.

2. Check the temperature around your ice machine.

Heat is the enemy. When humidity sneaks through backdoors and steam rises from grills, stoves, and ovens, it’s imperative your ice machine is somewhere safe and sound. Because your ice machine is working its hardest due to summertime demand, excess heat will make the machine work even harder, at a detrimental rate.

Ensure that your ice machine functions somewhere that’s under 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Any hotter and you risk overheating and eventual machine failure. 

3. Make sure there’s ample airflow.

Sometimes, clutter happens. You need storage space and after a while, the area on top of and around your ice machine looks spacious to store your goods. But that’s not a good idea. Your ice machine needs room to breathe!

In the same way that your ice machine needs to be clean and in a mild temperature, it’s important that nothing blocks its ventilation system. If it’s blocked, dust and other debris will build up, causing your ice machine to work at a much slower rate. In addition, this will cause your ice machine to wear down quicker than if it were in a breathable space.

Rent ease of mind for $4 a day.

That’s right. For just $4 a day, partners of our ice machine rental program enjoy peace of mind with the knowledge that their machines will stay clean, in secure locations, with planned cleanings, and emergency ice if they ever need it.

Sound like something you might be interested in? Reach out today!

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