Ice-O-Matic energy-saving ice machine

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Energy-Saving Ice Machines are Here!

Want a more energy efficient ice machine? They’re here!

On January 28th, 2018, new energy standards went into effect for commercial ice machines. Back in 2015, The U.S. Department of Energy defined new standards that gave manufacturers until 2018 to start selling ice makers that would use 10 to 25% less energy—and guess what? 2018 has arrived…the new standards are in full effect…and the energy efficient ice machines are landing in our warehouse and making their way to customers.

What kind of savings can you expect?

By using 10-25% less energy (than 2010’s standards), the EPA estimates that new model ice makers will save consumers up to $850 (in electrical and water usage) over the life of the machine.

Ice-O-Matic’s 2018 ice machine models

Our ice machine manufacturers have been rolling out redesigned models, and today, we’d like to talk specifically about Ice-O-Matic’s new Elevation Series. In addition to enhancing energy efficiency, Ice-O-Matic’s newly-released ice makers have some impressive design features:

  • Easy-to-remove food zone/water system. The front food zone is now quite easy to access and remove. It makes cleaning the machine much faster, which cuts down on service time and gets you back-in-action sooner!
  • The whole food zone is plastic—making it much more sanitary and eliminating material that could potentially rust or calcify.
  • Dual-exhaust creates energy efficiency and Most air-cooled ice machines use a side or top exhaust…and you have to decide between one of the other. Ice-O-Matic’s new models have dual exhaust. This means more flexibility (so you can move the machine if needed) and less likelihood of air flow hindrances causing problems (like if someone leaves a box on top).
  • New control board. In order to meet these new energy standards, Ice-O-Matic put in a Universal Smart Harness™ control board. In line with their tagline— Pure and Simple—the control board was kept as simple as possible; one board can control every model from a 200 pound ice maker to a 1400 pound model. This control board helps regulate water usage and cycle times to reduce energy consumption while still delivering the ice you need, when you need it.

At Memphis Ice, we were selected by Ice-O-Matic as one of just a few partners around the country to test their new models—and we’ve been doing so for the past few years in order to help them create the most energy efficient and user-friendly machines possible. It’s exciting to see these ice machines officially ready for sale as it was rewarding to be part of their testing and feedback process.

Want to see if Ice-O-Matic’s Elevation Series is for you? Get in touch. We’re happy to help.