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Gourmet Ice is the Premium Choice for Premium Beverages

Gourmet Ice is the crystal clear goodness that invites customers in and keeps them coming back. Seriously—gourmet ice is a premium product for premium beverages.

Good ice isn’t meant to be the focal point of a beverage. It’s meant to supplement and enhance, not distract and detract. But when the ice is cloudy or tastes off? Then you notice. Then your customers notice. That’s a recipe for lost business. 

Gourmet ice is ice so good that you can’t help but notice. Not because it makes the drink taste like your freezer, but because it looks great and keeps drinks cooler longer. Gourmet ice is the enhancement your drinks have been missing. 

Regular ice and gourmet ice, for all intents and purposes, do the same thing. After all, it’s ice. But presentation and performance matter. And in those categories? Sorry reliable, regular ice—you lose! 

We actually wrote an entire blog guiding you through the differences between cloudy and clear ice. There’s some interesting science happening in your ice trays!

Gourmet is here to stay

As with most foods or products, the more time you spend to prepare and perfect often results in a better product. Gourmet ice has substantially fewer impurities. Fewer impurities mean the ice lasts considerably longer than the average cube, which means drinks don’t get watered down! 

Gourmet ice is perfect for banquet halls, restaurants, and bars looking to bring the customer experience to the next level.

Why the difference matters

Gourmet ice lacks the impurities clouding other ice. As with most foods or products, the more time you spend to prepare and perfect often results in a better product. Here are several more reasons why the difference between gourmet and regular ice matters:

  • Speed: the gourmet ice cube forms in about a day. A slow freeze means a slow melt.
  • Taste: instead of tasting—or smelling—your ice machine, enjoy your drink. 
  • Quality: clear and appealing presentation.
  • Customer satisfaction: ice so good your customers will stop and stare before taking a sip.

Gourmet ice is the difference you can see. Give your customers a unique drinking experience with Ice-O-Matic’s powerful line of gourmet ice machines.

Go Gourmet with the Ice-O-Matic UGC Undercounter Ice Maker

Ice-O-Matic is a proud partner of Memphis Ice. For decades, we've loved working with them because of their commitment to hardware that lasts, uses less energy, and produces the best ice around. 

Gourmet ice is better for customers and made with machines that consume less energy and waste less water.

Ice-O-Matic isn’t a sustainability follower greenwashing the ice industry—they’ve led the pack since 1952. From choosing refrigerants with an environmental impact over 50 times lower than the standard requirement to closed-loop manufacturing that considers waste and reusable materials at every step of the selling process, Ice-O-Matic is dedicated to a cooler, sustainable economy. They are running a company the way it should be run and we’re very proud to follow their example. 

Save the planet and serve the perfect drink—sounds like a winning cocktail.

The Ice-O-Matic UCG Undercounter Ice Maker has changed the game for ice machines. This petite, gourmet ice making-machine is the premium package perfect for restaurants, bars, and any mixologist with a couple of killer recipes. The UCG ice machine series takes cocktails, treats, and everyday drinks to a whole new level.

To learn how you can get this ice-making machine, contact our service experts today

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