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How Bad is Chewing Ice for Your Teeth? Five Tips to Curb The Habit for Good!

We love all things ice here at Memphis Ice. However, everything must be enjoyed in moderation. Nothing beats a crisp, refreshing beverage with crystal clear ice after a long, hot Memphis Summer day. Heck, we’ll gladly enjoy an iced espresso in the middle of January! 

Let’s talk about ice safety for a second. When used and consumed correctly, water ice is perfectly fine! However, what happens when you chew it? Is it okay for your teeth? This is a very common question that we’re asked quite often, so we figured we’d write a blog post about chewing ice, as well as a few tips that may help you kick the habit once and for all.

Is chewing ice really that bad?

Like any food, consuming frozen water ice is perfectly safe in moderation. However, if you’re finding the need to chew multiple cups—or even bags—of ice per day, you might be dealing with an underlying issue known as pica, or a compelling urge to chew on something you normally wouldn’t. Consuming a significant amount of frozen water ice per day may result in irreversible damage to your enamel, jaw, and cracked or chipped teeth.

Is chewing ice really that bad?

Instead of chewing ice, try some of these tips to melt the habit away:


Stop crunching. Start sucking. Instead of using your teeth, let your own body heat melt the ice rapidly. You’ll enjoy the same refreshment with a whole new set of satisfying sensations.


Maybe you’re the type of chewer who wishes to not only stop but understand why you started and are struggling to stop. That’s when you can reach out to your trusted dentist or primary care physician to discover any potential underlying causes, such as an iron deficiency.


Instead of crunching hard ice that can damage your teeth, slurp a chilling slurry of softer ice. Slushies, water ice, shaved ice—whatever you want to call it—is a fantastic alternative to the harder, traditional water cube ice in nugget form. 


This may work for some people, but it’s not always an effective way to curb a habit. Think of all the times you order drinks from a restaurant or delivery. Ask for no ice. Completely remove the problem from your reach as you wait for your food. If you’ve tried this and it doesn’t work for you, start small and work your way to no ice. Ask for light ice or a few cubes, or request an alternative type of ice, like pearl ice, in your drink.


Cool is good. Crunch is better. Maybe all you need is some healthy alternatives to crunching down on ice. Carrots, apples, or celery are potential options to satisfy your crunchy craving. Plus, if you toss them in the fridge you’ll enjoy a similar cooling sensation that you love from ice.

Let’s talk more about your ice needs

We’re committed to guiding you toward smart purchases and healthy food habits. It can be hard to avoid chewing on the hard, cloudy ice that’s readily available from your home ice maker or when you’re out and about at your favorite restaurant.  

But there is something you can do about this. 

Consider an alternative type of ice—pearl ice! Learn all about pearl ice by reading our blog. Sleek, safe to crunch on, and affordable, a pearl ice machine is a perfect addition to a home, business, or office.  

Contact our team of service experts today to learn more about how you can get your very own under counter pearl ice machine and reach healthier food habits! 

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