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How Do You Read The Model Number On A Hoshizaki Ice Machine?

Hoshizaki ice machines are popular for their reliability and high-quality ice output. Like all ice machines, Hoshizakis needs routine maintenance and occasional repairs to run smoothly and efficiently. A key aspect of proper maintenance and troubleshooting is understanding your equipment’s model number. 

But if you’re reading the article, you already know that trying to understand the model number can feel like you’re cracking a secret message. We’re here to demystify your Hoshizaki model number and provide a crystal-clear translation so you can get the right parts, service, and maintenance for your machine.

How To Read The Model Number On Your Commercial Ice Machine

The model number on a Hoshizaki ice machine serves as a comprehensive code that tells you everything you need to know about your equipment. These numbers convey information about key details like: 

  • Manufacturing date
  • Model version
  • Ice type
  • Machine type
  • Production size
  • Condenser type

Decoding Your Hoshizaki Model Number

When you look at your model number, you’ll notice that there is a letter prefix, followed by a hyphen, followed by a string of numbers. Your model number may look something like this: 


Let’s break down what each section means. 

The Prefix: Your Ice Machine's Ice Type

The first letter (or set of letters) in your Hoshizaki ice maker model number identifies the type of ice that your machine produces. Here's a breakdown of the ice types and their corresponding prefixes:

  • KM: Crescent Ice – perfect for a variety of beverages and presentations.
  • IM: Square Ice – a classic shape that works well in many applications.
  • AM: Top Hat Ice – ideal for high-end drinks and cocktails.
  • F: Flake Ice – soft and moldable ice, great for seafood displays and blended drinks.

Certain types of ice machines have an extra letter at the end of the model number that provides additional information about your ice type. These include: 

  • C (at the end of the model number): Indicates a flaker-style ice machine producing nugget ice, also known as Sonic Ice. Sonic ice machines use the same auger design as flake ice machines but compress the ice.
  • Q (at the end of the model number): Represents Hoshizaki's new Sphere Ice – an innovative and elegant ice type perfect for upscale presentations and enhancing the overall beverage experience.

So in our example model number below, the first pair of letters indicates that our machine makes a square ice type.


The Root Number: Your Ice Machine's Ice Production

The middle number of your model number is a two, three, or four-digit number just after the ice type. This number tells you the production size of the ice machine. It indicates the amount of ice the high-volume machine can produce in a 24-hour period, and in the US, this number is typically measured in pounds. So, the model number helps you know not only the type of ice you'll get but also how much of it you can expect to have on hand!

In our example model number, the middle number 500 represents the pounds of ice our machine will produce in a 24 hour period.


The Suffix: Additional Information

After the middle numbers, your model number should include a few letters at the end. Each of these letters tells you even more information about your ice machine. 

The first letter of the suffix tells you something you probably already know: the type of ice machine you have. Here’s the reference code breakdown:

  • -M: A modular ice machine that focuses solely on producing ice. Remember, this one doesn't come with its own storage, so you'll need to provide a bin or dispenser for that purpose.
  • S: A stackable ice machine, which is just like the modular type but designed to be installed on top of another stackable ice machine for increased ice production.
  • D: If you have an ice dispenser model, you'll notice that it drops ice directly into drinkware, making it convenient for serving beverages.
  • L: Low profile machines are perfect for spaces with low ceilings as they are shorter than standard ice machines, allowing for a better fit.

In our example model number below, the first letter in our suffix is “M,” which stands for modular. 


The second letter of the suffix tells you what kind of condenser your ice machine is working with. Hoshizaki ice machines offer three types of condensers for cooling: air-cooled, water-cooled, and remote. Understanding the type of condenser is essential as it determines how your machine cools down and operates efficiently.

To easily identify the type of condenser in a Hoshizaki ice machine, look at the second letter in the model number suffix: 

  • A: Hoshizaki Air Cooled Ice Machine
  • W: Hoshizaki Water Cooled Ice Machine
  • R: Hoshizaki Remote Cooled Ice Machine
  • L: Hoshizaki Low-Side unit (a remote system where both the condenser AND compressor are located away from the ice-making unit).

In our example model number below, the second letter of our suffix is “A,” which stands for an air-cooled condenser type.


In the third (and usually final) letter in the model number suffix, we learn the model of your ice machine. Regardless of brand, commercial ice makers manufacturers are always improving and upgrading their units to keep up with advancing technology. To distinguish between different models, Hoshizaki uses a letter system, found at the end of the model number suffix. 

Currently the most recent model is the J-model, while its predecessor was the H-model. Each time Hoshizaki introduces a new upgrade, they attach a fresh letter, typically in alphabetical order.

In our example model number below, we can tell that our ice machine is the most current model Hoshizaki has available. 


Why Your Ice Machine's Model Number Matters

When you know your ice machine’s model number, you’ll be able to identify valuable information about the machine's features, specifications, and design. The model number is essential when it’s time to buy replacement parts for your ice machine, accessories, or service manuals. Without a model number, you can’t be certain that your equipment parts are compatible, and you risk wasting time and losing money. 

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