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Memphis Commercial Refrigeration Repair, Maintenance & Installation: Your Ultimate Guide

What do you do when your commercial refrigerator is on the blink? 

First, you’ll probably search the internet for “commercial refrigeration repair near me.” You’ll want to find local refrigeration repair experts that can get your walk-in coolers, ice machines, and freezers back in working order as fast as possible. Because every restaurant owner, food service manager, and commercial kitchen owner knows that when your refrigeration systems are down—well, to say it’s not cool is an understatement.

Commercial Refrigeration Repair

When your commercial refrigeration units break down, your business suffers. You need your commercial refrigerators, freezers, coolers, walk-ins, ice machines, reach-ins, and undercounter units to run consistently in order to maintain your business’s efficiency and profitability. Without them, your frozen and refrigerated foods will go to waste, your teams are less efficient, and your business loses money. 

When your commercial refrigeration equipment needs repair, we know you need it done fast. That’s why we offer a variety of repair services to ensure your business is up and running as quickly as possible. These include: 

    On-Site Service

    When your restaurant or business needs on-site service, we’ll send a technician to your location with a truck stocked with common parts for on-site repair. Our technicians who make on-sight service calls have a combined experience of over 125 years working on ice machines and refrigeration. This makes us the most experienced ice machine service fleet in the MidSouth. We’ll have your commercial refrigeration systems up and running again in no time.

    In-Shop Service

    For larger repair projects that require more in-depth diagnostics and repair, we offer in-shop repair. You’ll just drop off your machine at our local Memphis shop, and our repair technicians will diagnose the issue and call you with a repair estimate. Once it’s done, you can pick up your newly repaired appliance.

    Common Commercial Refrigeration Repairs

    When you call Memphis Ice Machine Company for your commercial refrigeration repair needs, our appliance technicians will evaluate your unit for specific issues. We’ll work hard to resolve the issue, repair your appliance, and get you back in business. 

    Over our many years of repair service in the Memphis area, we’ve noticed common commercial refrigeration maintenance issues and repairs that we frequently diagnose, including: 

    Refrigeration temperature problems

    When your refrigeration unit isn’t matching the set temperature, that usually indicates an issue with the thermostat. It could also be a dirty fan that isn’t cooling properly, or a faulty compressor. 

    Blocked Refrigeration Units

    If your refrigeration unit doesn’t have good ventilation, it won’t be able to maintain the right temperature. Give your unit a 360 degree look and make sure there are no blocked vents. Make sure you’re always meeting the refrigeration, freezer, or ice machine installation requirements recommended by the manufacturer.

    Ice Buildup

    When your commercial refrigerator begins to build up ice inside, it’s a signal that something is wrong. This is usually caused by poor air ventilation or a bad seal or door gasket.

    Ice In The Drain Pan

    Water can freeze in the commercial refrigerator drain pans when there is a clog in the drain line. If the clog isn’t removed, ice buildup will prevent water drainage, causing your refrigerator to overheat or flood internally.

    Commercial refrigerator repairs can be costly. The best way to protect your bottom line is to ensure your commercial refrigeration appliances are cleaned regularly, well maintained, and installed correctly. The sooner you call a local service technician, the better. Ignoring strange noises, smells, or issues usually only leads to more damage and a higher bill. 

    Whether you’re looking for Ice-O-Matic ice machine repair, restaurant refrigeration repair, commercial refrigeration maintenance, or Manitowoc ice machine repair, we have the expertise and tools to solve your commercial appliance repair problems. Contact us today to learn more!

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    Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance

    Preventative maintenance should be your top priority if you want your commercial ice machine or refrigerator to live a long, productive life. 

    Cleaning and maintenance is especially important for commercial ice machines. Because ice makers are producing a consumed product, it’s crucial that the interior is clean, buildup and slime is removed, and the ice your machine produces is clear of bacteria. 

    Our preventive maintenance program is a routine cleaning and maintenance service that keeps your commercial ice machine spick and span. You can enroll in a cleaning and ice machine maintenance schedule that works best for you and your business—and the best part is there aren’t any hidden fees or costs. 

    Commercial Refrigeration Replacement

    How do you know when it’s time to replace your commercial refrigerator instead of repairing it?

    The answer to that question always comes down to cost. We’re not just talking money here—although that’s important. You’ll also need to weigh the cost of time lost to repairs vs the cost of time to get the new ice machine, freezer, or refrigerator installed. 

    When it comes down to nickels and dimes, make sure you’re comparing the cost of a replacement refrigeration unit with one similar in size, production capacity, and efficiency. While you’re at it, ask yourself if your current ice machine, refrigerator, or freezer is meeting your needs now and in the near future. There’s no need to waste money on parts and repairs if you’ll need to increase your commercial appliance size or capacity in a year or two. 

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    Commercial Refrigeration Installation

    You’ll get the longest life out of your commercial cooler, freezer, and ice machine when they are installed correctly. Since incorrect installation can lead to serious repairs, inefficient cooling, and an untimely end for your unit, make sure you’re following the manufacturer’s guidelines for installing your commercial refrigeration unit. 

    When you buy a commercial ice machine, freezer, or cooler from Memphis Ice Machine Company, we’ll make sure your appliances are installed properly and that you and your new machines are set up for success. 

    Keep Your Cool: Local Commercial Refrigeration Repair, Maintenance, Installation & Replacement in Memphis

    Memphis area restaurants, food service businesses, and commercial kitchens have a first-class refrigeration repair company right in your own backyard. When you need refrigeration repair in Memphis or the surrounding MidSouth area, call Memphis Ice Machine Company.

    We can resolve your appliance problems, help you determine the best equipment for your commercial kitchen, and answer any questions you have about commercial refrigeration equipment. Schedule a call today to learn more!

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