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3 New Small Businesses

Our Ice Machine Rental Program Helped Launch in 2020

2020 was a hard year. COVID-19 hurt industries across the country and that included foodservice. With stay-at-home orders, limitations, and endless pivots to stay afloat, much of the restaurants we love and frequent have struggled. That is why we are so honored and proud to have helped these small businesses face the odds and take off during such an unprecedented year.

Memphis is a city of grit and grind and these new restaurants reflect that. What they all have in common (besides their delicious offerings) is that they joined our ice machine rental program. We are proud to offer this service to help business owners break the mold and reach their goals.

Salt | Soy

Salt | Soy is a new American sushi bar pop-up. If you’ve ever been to Alchemy located in Cooper Young, you know how fantastic their menu and cocktails are. You can expect Salt | Soy’s to be just as fantastic, as they are both owned and operated by Nick Scott. From dumplings to sake, you can stay updated on where to go to try them out by following their Facebook page.

Sugar Grits

Sugar Grits is Downtown Memphis’s newest breakfast hotspot located at 150 Peabody Place, Suite 111. As their name suggests, grits are the key player in their menu offerings — but it’s not all sugar. Covering all three meals of the day, this new restaurant offers North Carolina-inspired plates that feature green beans and grits to pancake grits.

Nutrition Clubs

If you’ve been following restaurant trends for 2021, you know that this year foresees an even bigger emphasis on nutritious choices than like ever before. That doesn’t mean they weren’t already flourishing in 2020, however.

Throughout the year, Memphis Ice Machine Company rented ice machines to a multitude of nutrition clubs across the Midsouth. Places like Arlington Nutrition Station are ideal for anyone looking for a cleansing smoothie or delicious acai bowl to fuel a healthy lifestyle.

In addition, the most popular ice machine for nutrition clubs is the Ice-O-Matic Pearl Ice Machine Maker. Not only does the compact machine help save space in-store, but the texture of the ice is unforgettable for customers. Pearl ice, or Sonic ice, soaks in the flavors of whatever drink it’s in and has a chewable texture that’s soft on your teeth.

Curious to learn more about our Ice Machine Rental Program?

Our ice machine rental program is ideal for business owners looking for a set monthly rate with no surprise costs, the flexibility to sign up their ice machine at any time, and most importantly, ease of mind. To get in touch with a technician today, simply use the chat box in the corner of our website or feel free to reach out here.