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If you’re a bartender or restaurant service provider—or simply a consumer of icy beverages—you know that it’s not just the liquid in the drink that make it special—it’s also the ice!

The ice is an important component of the drink because it adds the right amount of cold, texture, character and style to the drink. Certain types of ice do, in fact, better complement certain cocktails, making the drinking experience more enjoyable.

So whether you’re pouring virgin cocktails this summer or shaking up something top-shelf, we’ve got a few suggestions for tasty cocktails paired with the perfect ice type.

Which variety of ice type is best for your summertime cocktails? Here are our suggestions to keep things current, refreshing, cold and stylish:

Half-cube ice machine? Make this…

This versatile ice can be used in the blender in daiquiris, piña coladas and margaritas. It’s also ideal for cocktails you’ll shake over ice because it’s just the right size. It also works beautifully in a punch like this Mississippi Bourbon Punch.

Full (square) cube ice machine? Make this…

This ice is ideal for slightly more refined drinks that have 2, 3 or 4 cubes in a glass. It works great in drinks like a whiskey sour or Negroni—or check out this summery Whiskey Peach Smash.

Pearl (nugget) ice machine? Make this…

We love nugget ice in drinks like the Mint Julep, Mojito and Moscow Mule. From pineapple to berries, grapefruit to lavender, check out these summertime Moscow Mule recipes.

One large cube? Make this…

Sometimes one large ice cube crafted from a mold is the perfect cube for a drink. Check out Geoffrey Zakarian’s Gold Rush Cocktail.

At Memphis Ice, we believe the ice makes the drink. It’s like the cherry on top. Unless of course there is an actual cherry on top…then we guess there are TWO cherries on top.

Want to have the right ice type for every beverage? Get in touch. We’ll figure out the right ice making solution to ensure you’ve got great ice in the summer and all year long.