Dry Ice Pellets held with a pair of gloves

Ask the Experts: Cold Hard Facts about Dry Ice

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Ask The Experts: Cold Hard Facts About Dry IceSo, you’re curious about dry ice. Trust us, we’ve been there. There is a reason Memphis Ice doesn’t sell dry ice machines and storage. Turns out—and this is a real shocker—dry ice is a bit harder to handle over the frozen water ice we all know and love. We think water ice …

dry ice in a puddle

Dry Ice vs. Regular Wet Ice

savannah Ice Types, Ice Uses

dry ice vs. regular wet iceWhat’s the difference? What’s the big deal? And how can I use dry ice to make life easier — and a little more fun? Read on, friends! We could get super science-y explaining dry ice and how it differs from regular wet ice, but we’ll keep it simple because we know your time is valuable …