What’s The Freezing Point?

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What’s The Freezing Point?Ice is made up of two ingredients: water and cold temperatures. On a basic level, this is true. But there are several fascinating factors that surround freezing water, and a few exceptions to the rule that make for a fun experiment.  So, if you’ve ever wondered how temperature affects the formation of ice, why some ice is …

Why Does Dry Ice Create Smoke?

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Why Does Dry Ice Create Smoke?Have you ever wondered what’s going on with dry ice when it starts to smoke? Yeah we know dry ice is cold but how in the world is dry ice emitting all of that smoke just by being in the open air? How exactly could you replicate this on your own?  Well, that’s what we’re …

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Ask the Experts: Cold Hard Facts about Dry Ice

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Ask The Experts: Cold Hard Facts About Dry IceSo, you’re curious about dry ice. Trust us, we’ve been there. There is a reason Memphis Ice doesn’t sell dry ice machines and storage. Turns out—and this is a real shocker—dry ice is a bit harder to handle over the frozen water ice we all know and love. We think water ice …

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Dry Ice vs. Regular Wet Ice

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dry ice vs. regular wet iceWhat’s the difference? What’s the big deal? And how can I use dry ice to make life easier — and a little more fun? Read on, friends! We could get super science-y explaining dry ice and how it differs from regular wet ice, but we’ll keep it simple because we know your time is valuable …