Fresh Fish on a Bed of Flake Ice

What Flake Ice Can Do For You

Olivia Marcy Ice Types, Ice Uses, Small Business

What Flake Ice Can Do For YouCube, pebble, chip, crushed. There are plenty of ice types to choose from, but flake ice might be the most versatile and efficient ice out there for businesses. So what sets flake ice apart from the pack? What is flake ice designed to do, and what can it do for you? We get it, …

Photo of an iceberg floating in the ocean

Why Does Ice Float on Water?

Ashley Burgess Ice Facts

Why Does Ice Float on Water?If ice is just frozen water, why does it float on top of regular water? Why doesn’t ice just sink? If you put a small pebble in water, it’ll sink. So what’s going on with ice? That’s what we’re here to answer. But before we truly understand the properties at work, we need to understand …

Why Does Dry Ice Create Smoke?

Ashley Burgess Community, Ice Types

Why Does Dry Ice Create Smoke?Have you ever wondered what’s going on with dry ice when it starts to smoke? Yeah we know dry ice is cold but how in the world is dry ice emitting all of that smoke just by being in the open air? How exactly could you replicate this on your own?  Well, that’s what we’re …

dry ice in a puddle

Dry Ice vs. Regular Wet Ice

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dry ice vs. regular wet iceWhat’s the difference? What’s the big deal? And how can I use dry ice to make life easier — and a little more fun? Read on, friends! We could get super science-y explaining dry ice and how it differs from regular wet ice, but we’ll keep it simple because we know your time is valuable …