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tips on cleaning and maintaining your ice storage

We’re not the first to say it and we won’t be the last: We’re living in a strange time right now. After serving the Mid-South for more than 35 years, it’s clear that we’ve never been in a situation quite like this one. However, while our current circumstances feel uncertain, there’s one thing that hasn’t changed, and that’s our commitment to providing the best for our customers and community.

Perhaps now more than ever the cleanliness of our business establishments is crucial. Squeaky clean isn’t just a goal anymore—it’s the requirement. Ice bins are no exception. From hotels to grocery stores, the cleanliness of your ice bin is paramount to ensuring the best quality product for your customers. To better help you ensure you’re not overlooking any details, we’ve compiled a list of best practices and approaches to keeping your ice bin cleaned and maintained in between your service visits.

friendly reminders

As outlined by the CDC, practicing good hygiene is essential for everybody to avoid the spread of disease. Following these guidelines will also aid in avoiding contamination of your ice machine. Although ice’s cold temperatures prevent most living bacteria from populating, there are still risks. Ensure that your employees have access to these easy rules of thumb:

  • Clean hands at the door and schedule regular hand washing times for employees.
  • Disinfect doorknobs, tables, desks, and handrails regularly.
  • Increase ventilation by opening windows or adjusting air conditioning.
  • Stay home if you’re sick!

scooping from your ice bin

  • Require employees to wash their hands before using the ice bin.
  • Always keep the ice scoop located outside the ice bin—never inside!
  • Always use the scoop to dispense ice—not a gloved hand, nor glassware.
  • Always keep the ice bin door closed while not in use.
  • Sanitize your ice scoop regularly.
  • Never put unused ice back into the ice bin.
  • Never use the ice bin as a makeshift freezer or cooler for drinks, food, feet, etc.

Above is another example of what not to do.

how to clean the interior of your ice bin:

  • Spray the contaminated areas with a solution of 8 ounces of bleach to one gallon of water.
  • Wipe away all debris until the surface is clean.
  • Rinse the area thoroughly with water and let air dry.
  • Sanitize with a mixture of 2 tablespoons of bleach to one gallon of water.
  • Let air dry.

how to clean the exterior of your ice bin:

  • Wipe the outer surface with a solution of 8 ounces of bleach per one gallon of water.
  • Let the solution sit for 10 minutes.
  • Rinse the area thoroughly with water and allow the surface to air dry.
  • Sanitize with a mixture of 2 tablespoons of bleach to one gallon of water.
  • Let air dry.

still searching for the perfect ice bin?

Depending on your service or need, the ice bin you choose is important to the success of your business. From Kloppenberg to Ice-O-Matic, you have several great options to choose from. Kloppenberg is one of the country’s oldest stainless steel fabricators. They produce multiple product lines for a handful of industries with large ice capacity needs such as healthcare, hospitality, and food service. Ice-O-Matic is another solid brand built for longevity and ease of use, with years of carefree operation promised in their purchase. 

Don't hesitate to reach out should you need any help—it's what we're here for. In the meantime, stay safe, friends!