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Why Chip Ice is the Cold Standard

It’s powdery, thin, and super flaky. It’s probably not the ice you add to your everyday drink, but chip ice is critically important to many industries. So what’s the best use for chip ice? How is chip ice different from crushed ice? And who is using chip ice on a daily basis? We’re here with the answers to those questions and to share some interesting facts you may not know about chip ice.

Who’s Using Chip Ice?

Chip ice may seem similar to crushed ice at first glance. Take a closer look and you’ll see that chip ice is flatter and has more surface area than crushed ice. Basically, it’s shaped like a small potato chip. Touch it and you’ll find that chip ice has a snow-like texture that allows you to mold and shape it as needed. This is ideal for food and drink displays, where molded beds of chip ice keep meat and produce fresh for long periods of time. 

In addition to food displays, chip ice is frequently found in hospitals. That’s because wafer-thin ice pieces are ideal for hospitals’ unique needs, with the added benefit that most chip ice machines dispense without an ice scoop. Chip ice machines typically supply ice directly into a bucket or cup with the press of a button or toggle. That means the risk of contamination from handling the scoop is low and hospital staff can safely provide chip  ice to patients at any time, which is a win-win if you ask us.

3 Uses for Chip Ice in Hospitals


Have you ever wondered why patients in hospitals are often served ice chips instead of a glass of water? As it turns out, chip ice is a great way for a recovering patient to rehydrate at a rate that won’t overwhelm their body with too much water or use a lot of muscles to swallow. Ice chips melt slowly and patients can easily chew the thin ice pieces or wait for the ice to melt at their own pace. Basically, chip ice makes it easy for patients in all conditions to stay hydrated on the road to recovery.

Reducing Swelling

We’ve all experienced the relief an ice pack can bring to a bruised shoulder or sprained ankle. For hospitals, treating swelling and inflammation with ice is an everyday occurrence. Hospital staff have learned that an industrial ice maker is the most cost-effective way to provide the most ice to the most patients. More ice when it’s needed means patients experience less pain and more relief from swelling.

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy can be a painful process as the body stretches and retrains muscles. Ice is often necessary after a physical therapy session to reduce swelling and pain, and that means physical therapists experience a high demand for ice that melts slowly and is compact. Physical therapists often rely on ice packs in targeted areas, cold compresses, and ice baths to reduce swelling, ease pain, and minimize soreness. Since chip ice is easily molded and packed, it’s an ideal solution for concentrated pain relief in the form of ice packs.

All the Ice, All in One Place

So that’s the chip off the old ice block. And now that you know that chip ice is a fantastic way to slowly hydrate, reduce pain and swelling, and keep coolers and produce displays colder for longer, you’re ready to take the next step. You can click here to get all the specs of our chip ice machine. Still on the fence? We get it. Sometimes you just need to talk to a pro. You can reach out to an ice expert by clicking here. After a friendly chat, we assess your unique needs and our team can outfit you with the perfect ice machine that will help you keep your cool for years to come.

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