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Why Now is the Time to Clean Your Ice Machine

When was the last time you cleaned your ice machine? If you can’t remember—it’s definitely time! The reality is—if your ice machine hasn’t been cleaned within the past year, it’s overdue. Yearly cleanings are recommended at the minimum—though some customers prefer to clean their machines every 6 or 3 months depending on necessity and environment.

Why clean your ice machine in the Spring?

Spring is a great time to clean your ice machine. Why? Because high temps are right around the corner. The most is required of your commercial ice maker during the summer months—and the best way to equip your machine for a successful summer is by ensuring it is clean and ready to rock and roll.

Ice machine cleaning is essential for two reasons:

  1. To keep your ice sanitary and safe. Your ice machine is a mini food processing plant. Since it creates a consumable food product, food safety and cleanliness is essential.
  2. To protect and maximize your investment. Ice machine cleaning increases efficiency and ultimately the ice machine’s useful life. When the water or air flow system is restricted due to dust, dirt or buildup, the ice machine must work harder to produce the same amount of ice as a clean machine—making a tough season even tougher and potentially resulting in service issues. This may also use more electricity, more water and take more time.

Want to get your ice machine into tip-top condition before the summer starts? We can help.

At Memphis Ice, ice machines aren’t just something we sell; we maintain them as well. We thoroughly clean 2000+ ice machines each year, which means cleaning the inside to avoid mold, and disassembling all parts to sanitize them. At Memphis Ice, we have options when it comes to ice machine cleaning:

  • Preventative Maintenance Program: Our preventative maintenance program is a simple, low cost solution to sanitary ice. There are no contracts or hidden fees—just a low, flat rate to thoroughly clean your ice machine annually, bi-annually, or quarterly. It’s simple. We put you on a schedule, let you know when you’re due, remind you, and then come out. Interested? Get in touch.
  • On-demand cleaning: Simply need a one-time cleaning? No problem. We’re happy to help.

Since your ice machine can’t talk, it won’t be able to say thank you…But we know you’ll see the results in an ice machine that gives you fewer woes and has a longer lifespan. A clean ice machine is a happy ice machine!