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4 Ways to Cook with Ice This Thanksgiving

When you’ve worked with ice machines for over fifteen years, you learn a thing or two about how to use ice in different ways — like cooking! With the holidays ahead, we’ve put together four ways to cook with ice this Thanksgiving (or any time you want to create a delectable meal).

1. Ice makes food easy to peel.

Whether you like boiled eggs in your dressing or have a dangerously good peach cobbler recipe up your sleeve, ice is your best friend when it comes to prepping and peeling. 

For boiled eggs, put them in a bowl of iced water and wait for them to cool off. This typically takes around 15 minutes. Then, begin peeling off their shell. See how easy that is?

For peaches, use a blanching method. Score the peaches with an “X” and then boil them until once the water is rolling. Once the skin starts to peel, immediately put them into a bowl of ice. This will save you time and allow the peel to glide right off the meat of the fruit.

2. Ice makes vegetables crunchy.

There are many cool and unusual uses for ice. Besides making vegetables easy to peel in the blanching and shocking method, ice can also make them extra vibrant and crisp. 

An ice bath does two things: It restores water to the cells and halts the cooking process. These ensure that your veggies are bright and appetizing for your Thanksgiving spread.

3. Ice aerates.

Ready to up your coffee game? If you have an Ice-O-Matic Pearl Ice Machine, be sure to browse the recipes we’ve put together here. In the meantime, you can surprise your guests by serving delicious coffee aerated with regular ice, too.

According to Bon Appétit contributor, Chris Morocco: “When shaken with a lot of ice and a splash of sweetener, espresso forms a creamy froth on top and becomes an infinitely more exciting beverage. Just ask the Italians, who taught us the genius of the shakerato.”

What goes better with pumpkin pie than coffee? Probably that Italian shakerato. Get the recipe here.

4. Ice emulsifies.

You’ve probably heard that oil and water don’t mix. What you probably haven’t heard is that ice can change that. Here’s how you can emulsify your garnishes for the holidays.

When you’re making an aioli, hollandaise, salad dressing, or vinaigrette for Thanksgiving, combine all of your ingredients in a jar. Next, add an ice cube and shake vigorously. This prevents your dressings from separating.

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