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7 Reasons to Shop from a Local Ice Machine Distributor

When it’s time to buy or rent an ice machine or parts, consumers have a couple of options. Online retailers reign supreme for many types of products, but they shouldn’t be the only choice. In fact, shopping from a local distributor like Memphis Ice Machine Company has many benefits that online retailers simply can’t offer.

1. Support

Have you ever been searching online for a product, but lacked the knowledge you needed to make a truly sound decision? It’s not fun. Our team of experts will honestly guide you in finding the machine and equipment that meets your needs. The best part? We’re just a phone call away.

2. Timely Service

Although we may not have 1-click ordering, don’t let that discourage you. Not only are we efficient at getting you what you need when you need it, but our service fleet consists of nine trucks all stocked with common parts for on-site repair calls. That means when you have a problem, we’re already prepared to hit the ground running and be a solution.

3. Experience

The expert technicians at Memphis Ice have combined experience in excess of 125 years working on ice machines and refrigeration. That makes us your local source for all things ice — and the most experienced ice machine service fleet in the region.

4. Education

Sometimes we simply don’t have the time required to do research about a product before we buy it. This can make the purchasing process difficult. Our seasoned staff has been helping customers for over 40 years find exactly what they need. They’ll be transparent and honest about what might be best, and can answer any questions you have about specifications, performance, or otherwise.

5. Repair

It’s a pain to send something back that you ordered off the internet. Especially if it’s an ice machine. We have both on-site and in-shop repair that eases any hassles you may have as the buyer, should any problems ever occur.

6. Cleaning

No matter how much you love your ice machine, you probably don’t love cleaning it. That’s where we come in! Unlike online retailers, Memphis Ice Machine is able to come in and do the job for you. Our Preventative Maintenance Program allows you to focus on your business while we take care of the pieces that keep it running.

7. Fuel the Local Economy

Memphis Ice Machine Company is a local, family-owned and operated company. We’ve been serving the Greater Mid-south since 1977. We take pride in treating our team and customers alike like family. By fueling the local economy and shopping local with us, we’re able to keep our team expanding and return our prosperity to the community ourselves.

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