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Ask The Experts: Why Are My Ice Cubes Smaller Than Normal?

For us ice machine aficionados, it doesn’t get much worse than a powerful machine churning out small, hollow cubes. They shatter upon impact. They melt instantly. And they don’t do a darn thing for drinks, your customers, or your business.

Thankfully, this common problem has a handful of easy fixes. If you’ve ever wondered why your ice cubes are smaller than normal, keep on reading.

Common culprit: poor water flow

One of the most vital parts of a robust ice maker is a strong water line to support it. Not enough water for your ice machine means not enough water to help it form an abundance of crystal clear, beautiful cubes. 

A few things can happen to your waterline that prevents proper flow and consequently immaculate ice:

  • Cold weather. Here in the MidSouth, we’re accustomed to our coldest winters just before Spring. The weather can definitely throw a wrench in operations since cold weather quickly leads to frozen pipes. This calls for defrosting.
  • Relocating your machine. Ice machines are like houseplants—they require very specific environments to thrive. If you’ve recently moved your ice machine and noticed that your ice cubes are smaller than normal, ensure that you’ve moved it to an appropriate location. Check out our installation checklist here.

    Next, check that your ice machine is upright and balanced. If your ice machine is uneven, so is your ice formation. Uneven ice formation means sad and small ice cubes.

  • Clogs and kinks. Another reason your ice machine may be struggling is clogs and kinks in the waterline. Inside of the pipes, natural mineral buildup from your water supply disrupts water flow. Poor water flow means, you guessed it, sad and small ice cubes. Other warning signs your ice machine may have a clog include a drop in water pressure.

    Next Up: Temperature

    Just like ice machines, your ice cubes need a controlled environment to thrive. Believe it or not, if the temperature is too cold, ice doesn’t form as well as it should. If it’s too warm and ice can’t freeze properly, the end result is reduced cube size. 

    This is especially important: If your ice machine doesn’t function in a controlled environment with a regulated temperature between 45 and 95 degrees fahrenheit, your ice machine’s health and safety are at risk. The same goes for you and your customers.

    Finally: Call the Experts

    No one likes dealing with a confusing, faulty ice machine. What you need is a machine that works for you, not against you. Especially when time and money are on the line. At Memphis Ice, we’re familiar with ice machine frustration—it’s our personal brain freeze! Our 40+ years of experience in the industry equip us to quickly identify and fix the pesky problems you need solved.

    We offer an affordable ice machine rental program that includes cleaning maintenance and emergency ice when you need it, which helps prevent these problems in the first place. But don’t just take our word for it—here’s what some of our customers have said.

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