Cool New Year’s Eve Traditions To Welcome 2023

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Cool New Year’s Eve Traditions To Welcome 2023Adios, 2022! It’s time to ring in 2023 with a sampling of cool traditions from around the world. After all, what better way to turn a page in time than by trying something new? Here’s our roundup of cool traditions, superstitions, and customs that will make the start of 2023 a new year …


How Was The Ice Machine Invented?

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How Was The Ice Machine Invented?When you think of modern inventions that have transformed our world, an ice machine may not be the first thing you think of. But stop and ponder this question: What does our world look like without the invention of the ice machine? We’re talking about big picture things, not just the convenience of an ice …

Block of Ice

One Man Revolutionized How We Live: The History of the Ice Trade

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ONE MAN REVOLUTIONIZED HOW WE LIVE: THE HISTORY OF THE ICE TRADEFor most of human history, ice was a luxury. Ancient civilizations in China, India, and Europe gathered ice from mountain tops and shallow basins. The rich and powerful didn’t use ice for what we primarily use it for now—preservation. Rather they used it solely as a treat. Ice was …

Interior of an Antique Ice Box

How Did Antique Iceboxes Work?

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How Did Antique Iceboxes Work?An antique icebox is a special piece of modern history. Without its success in the 19th century, we probably wouldn’t be here! This 150-year-old and counting device kept food cold and safe to eat. And it looked dang good as it did.  Nowadays, the antique icebox is just that—an antique. Enthusiasts love, collect, repair, and showcase …

1950s white woman standing in front of a vintage refrigerator. The photo is is not colourized.

The Birth of The Refrigerator: How We All Ended Up With One

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The Birth of The Refrigerator: How We All Ended Up With OneThis blog is part two of a two-part series from Memphis Ice about the beginning’s beginning of the refrigerator we all know and love. From ancient history to modern times, discover our ancestor’s fascinating journey to safe and sustainable cold storage.  Missed part one? Click here to read it. …

15 Old Refrigerators stored in an open space.

The Birth of the Refrigerator: Where Do They Come From?

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The Birth of the Refrigerator: Where Do They Come From?The birth of refrigeration does not begin with the modern refrigerator. In fact, the appliance we use in our homes and businesses to keep things cold and frozen didn’t become a global household staple until around 100 years ago. Before the dawn of the fridge age, society had various natural and …

Dry Ice Pellets held with a pair of gloves

Ask the Experts: Cold Hard Facts about Dry Ice

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Ask The Experts: Cold Hard Facts About Dry IceSo, you’re curious about dry ice. Trust us, we’ve been there. There is a reason Memphis Ice doesn’t sell dry ice machines and storage. Turns out—and this is a real shocker—dry ice is a bit harder to handle over the frozen water ice we all know and love. We think water ice …

memphis ice machine company crew standing instead of headquarters

Memphis Ice: Where everyone feels like family…and some actually are!

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Where everyone feels like family…and some actually are!In the beginningHa, don’t worry, just because the company was started by his father doesn’t mean we’ll share the story the way Jeff heard it as a little tyke on his father’s knee. As a matter of fact, Memphis Ice has more of an action-adventure type of history complete with a strategic renegade …

Ice-O-Matic logo

Howdy, Partner: Ice-O-Matic

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Howdy, Partner:ice-o-maticEveryone who’s part of Memphis Ice is family. Our employees, our customers—and our partners. We love ice machines, but it’s the people, the values, and the service that give a company its lifeblood and create longstanding relationships. Today we want to talk about our partner, Ice-O-Matic. We’ve been a distributor and preferred servicing agent for Ice-O-Matic since the 80s. …

memphis ice employee servicing an ice machine

The Chilling History of Ice Machines

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the chilling history of ice machinesand how far we’ve come alongAt Memphis Ice Co., we don’t just sell ice machines…we are ice machine aficionados (we like that word better than “geeks” although the latter could also be considered true). We think ice making is pretty darn fascinating—from its beginnings in the 1700s to where it is today. These days, our …