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Gourmet Ice for the Gourmet Professional


Gourmet ice, sometimes referred to as “top hat ice,” “octagon shaped ice,” or simply “fancy ice,” is a unique treat designed for upscale restaurants, impressive banquet halls, and bars that want a competitive edge. You can quickly identify gourmet ice by its smooth, crystal clear shape and spot it swimming in a delicious artisan cocktail. 

Why is gourmet ice such a big deal?

Ice is just ice, right? Not exactly. Gourmet ice offers a slew of benefits that make it stand out compared to other ice types on the market. 

  1. Gourmet ice looks nicer than the average ice. In a world where folks love to photograph their fancy cocktail, gourmet ice appeals to guests looking for aesthetically pleasing beverages as part of their dining experience.

  2. Crystal clear ice means safe and sound ice. If you have an ice maker at home, chances are you may start wrinkling your nose if the ice is cloudy. Cloudy ice comes from impurities and a weak filtration system. It can also have a distinct, unpleasant odor. Crystal clear ice tastes great and doesn’t distract from the drinks your customers want most.

  3. Your ice stays nice and cold. Gourmet ice dilutes very slowly. The melt rate keeps drinks from getting watered down. Ice-preneur Michael Dozois says, “If it [ice] dilutes less, it will take you less time to drink what's in the glass, and the bar will make more sales.”

Which drinks are best for gourmet ice?

  • Craft cocktails. Whether it’s Mad Men-inspired cocktails or your own spin on a whiskey sour, gourmet ice is the ideal choice for craft cocktails.

  • Cult classic coffees. From robust espressos to smooth mochas, coffeehouses use gourmet ice to take their caffeine-packed drinks to the next level.

  • Creative alternatives. Gourmet ice encourages mixologists to get creative and concoct anything they can think of.

How do I get gourmet ice?

When it comes to offering gourmet ice in your establishment, you have a couple of options. The first is the more painstaking route: master the art of filtration, aging, and shape. As ice-preneur Michel Dozois said, “Every cocktail calls for different dilution, different ice, and different needs.” That requires a lot of work and a combination of art and science that, if you’re a successful business owner, you don’t have time for.

Luckily, that’s where the UCG Undercounter Ice Maker comes in. Ice-O-Matic’s newest product satisfies cocktail connoisseurs everywhere. The cubes from this machine sport large surface areas that cool quickly and dilute slowly, allowing patrons to savor their beverage without watered down final sips.

Ready to step up your ice?

Stand out from the competition and attract the crowd you want with gourmet ice. To get a quote for a UCG Undercounter Ice Maker, reach out to a technician today.

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