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5 Sustainable Solutions for Saving Money with a Commercial Ice Machine

It’s no secret that the hospitality industry has taken a hit. With restaurant restrictions, labor shortages, and continuous bouts of uncertainty, many business owners in the hospitality industry are turning inwards to seek ways to reduce spending and limit overhead costs. 

It’s easy to assume that turning off the ice machine is an easy way to save money due to its energy and water consumption. Contrary to popular belief, this just isn’t the case. A powered-off ice machine quickly accumulates bacteria which leads to expensive repairs and a shorter lifespan for the machine. But that doesn’t mean your ice machine can’t help save your business money.

These five sustainable solutions that center around your ice maker help your business save hundreds of dollars a year. The best part? They’re easy, actionable steps with a positive ripple effect beyond just your restaurant. Serve the planet as well as you serve your customers. 

1. Choose the correct sized machine.

Choosing the right ice machine that’s compatible with your business is ice-onomics 101. 

If your ice machine doesn’t produce enough ice, you’ll waste a lot of money finding that out—and making up for it until you get a properly sized ice maker. If your ice machine is bigger than you need, you’ll waste energy and water by losing ice that melts down the drain.

Not sure what size ice machine you need? No fear, click here.

2. Trust the experts to install it.

Installing a commercial ice machine requires experience and expertise. Before you order your commercial ice maker, ensure that your establishment meets all of the requirements. For a detailed list, check out our Commercial Ice Machine Installation Requirements Checklist, but the short version is that you will need:

  • Sufficient voltage
  • A floor drain
  • A secure waterline connection

And hey, we’re not kidding when it comes to voltage. If your ice machine is plugged into an outlet without enough voltage to meet your ice maker’s demands, you’ll experience low ice production, severe wear and tear, and other consequences. Low ice production means having to secure emergency ice—which can add up fast—while trying to solve a potentially costly problem.

Running a business is expensive enough. Do it right the first time by letting the professional technicians install your ice machine to avoid years of added costs and problems.

Look for the blue ENERGY STAR logo.

The blue ENERGY STAR logo isn’t just a vanity badge; it’s the real deal. As the government-backed symbol for energy efficiency, the blue star logo classifies products that deliver cost-saving energy efficiency while protecting the planet and public health. Energy-efficient products mean more money in your pocket. 

Don’t just take our word for it. Here are a few stats that show the ENERGY STAR impact:

  • ENERGY STAR certified batch-type ice makers are about 10 percent more energy-efficient and 20 percent more water-efficient when compared with standard models
  • ENERGY STAR certified batch-type ice makers save businesses 700 kWh and $75 annually and $660 over the product’s lifetime on utility bills
  • ENERGY STAR certified continuous-type ice makers are about 16 percent more energy efficient
  • ENERGY STAR certified continuous-type ice makers save businesses 1,350 kWh and $145 annually and $1,260 over the product’s lifetime on utility bills

4 .Prioritize environmentally-friendly brands and features.

In addition to the ENERGY STAR-approved products, it’s important to pay attention to the fine print for products and choose dependable brands. This is one reason that we’ve partnered with Ice-O-Matic since the ‘80s. They’ve led the way in sustainable innovations with recycling initiatives, greener manufacturing, and more.

Here are just a few of the features you can find on various Ice-O-Matic commercial ice machines:

  • Harvest Assist: Provides consistent ice production for the life of the ice maker while reducing energy consumption and increasing capacity
  • Energy Saving Systems: Optimizes cycle efficiency and ice quality, while reducing energy consumption and cutting operation costs
  • SystemSafe: Load monitoring system constantly checks workload on gearbox–shutting down system before a problem develops and preventing costly repairs
  • Exceeding Department of Energy regulations: Some machines are up to 20% more energy efficient than other models, environmentally friendly, and include BPA-free plastic and recyclable parts

5. Keep it clean and maintained.

The same way you need routine oil changes to keep your car running smoothly, you need scheduled maintenance and cleaning to keep your ice machine in tip-top shape. 

Here are some basic maintenance and cleaning tips that can go a long way:

  • Not scooping any ice? Keep the ice storage bin closed to avoid bacteria and other germs from getting in and causing trouble.
  • Clean the filters on a bi-weekly basis.
  • Pay attention to the ice machine’s surroundings; temperature changes, grease, and clutter should all be avoided to allow proper airflow for your machine.
  • Take away worry and risk by scheduling ice machine cleanings from the experts. Out of sight, out of mind.

Ready to find a sustainable solution?

At Memphis Ice, we offer a variety of solutions. From used ice machines to the newest cutting edge, from pearl ice to flake ice, we’re committed to helping you find the right machine that you need.

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