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Why Preventative Maintenance

for Your Ice Machine Matters

Business owners’ responsibilities feel like they have tripled since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Between designing new operations to stay open and practice social distancing, maintaining spotless environments within their establishments, and minding the well-being of both themselves and their employees, the stress is on

ice machineIt’s crucial that for those businesses with ice machines, preventative maintenance stays at the forefront. For foodservice, the hospitality industry, and every corner store in between, having an impeccable ice machine might feel like an after-thought. Unfortunately, that’s a huge risk. Simply put, your ice machine can’t be neglected.

The biggest offender to a dirty ice machine is mold—and it’s nothing to take lightly. Ice created by a dirty machine can produce a contaminated product. The ice can be affected with E. coli, shigella, and salmonella. Bacteria growing in your ice machine can permanently halt the growth of your business. Given the uncertainty of today’s climate, that’s not a risk worth taking.

but what makes ice machines so dirty?

ice machineThe truth is, it’s rarely the machines that are creating an unsanitary environment for bacteria to grow. Often times it’s the hygiene and practices of those using the machine. This isn’t to point the finger at anyone, however. Rather, it's important to educate those in the hospitality, service industry, and beyond, about the real-world consequences of not following ice machine guidelines. Failing to educate your team on the best way to keep things clean or the harmful consequences it can create is another mistake to be avoided.

Luckily, there are ways to combat a putrid ice machine. First, ensure that you have weekly scheduled cleanings and sanitizing. This includes not only the ice maker itself, but also the storage bin, door, and ice scoop where applicable. Secondly, make sure that everyone on your team is aware of the measures they need to take in upholding the cleanliness of your ice maker. Thirdly, schedule cleanings by a professional.

In addition to providing a safe and delicious product to your clientele, maintaining your ice maker also secures your original investment in the machine. After months or years of use—especially during the summer months—wear and tear begin to make its mark, shortening the lifespan of your machine at your expense. Again, preventative maintenance absolves this.

Reduce Your Stress

memphis ice expert doing preventative maintenance to an ice machineAt Memphis Ice Machine Company, we clean over 2,000 ice machines a year—that’s a lot of ice machines. We know the importance of having a perfectly clean and functioning machine, but understand the time-consuming and hard work that it requires. Our goal is always to provide expert advice, equipment, and machinery so that you can focus on your business—not the machines needed to make it run.

That’s why we have our own preventative maintenance program. It’s a simple, low-cost solution for ensuring sanitary ice is what’s provided, and not the alternative. There are no contracts or hidden fees—just a low, flat rate to thoroughly clean your ice machine annually, bi-annually, or quarterly.

Just need a one-time cleaning? We offer those as well. Simply reach out and let us know what you need—we’ll be happy to help.