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Everest Slides to Safety with Built-in Glass Door Merchandiser Locks

Besides keeping ice machines cold, your business bustling, and the drinks pouring, we care about our product’s safety and security—yes, even for refrigeration equipment! Lucky for you, Everest is ahead of the game.

If you have a customer-facing sliding merchandiser, you can make it much more secure with a built-in lock. These pre-installed locks protect your goods against theft and ensure that whatever you have in there stays at a healthy, optimal temperature.

Manual Lock

Everest manual lock

Everest Manual Lock

While other brands frequently charge extra fees, the built-in manual lock comes standard—at no additional cost—from Everest.

With a simple key and visual signifier for whether the door is locked or unlocked, the manual lock is built to please. We’re all about its ease of use and accessibility! Keep your glass door merchandiser protected against theft, so long as you don’t lose the key.

The manual lock is compatible with all sliding glass door merchandiser refrigerators. To see the glass door merchandisers available at Memphis Ice, head on over to our equipment page here.

Health Lock

Everest Health Lock

Everest Health Lock

The health lock is an optimal feature that comes pre-installed by request for an added fee. This lock is activated automatically and is perfect for ensuring that medical supplies and sensitive food stay secure.

The health lock comes in two different types: a side door lock and a bottom door lock. These locks are NAMA certified and NSF compliant. This means that the product adheres to strict standards that ensure public health protection.

The health lock is compatible with most swing door merchandiser refrigerators. The doors auto-lock when cabinet temperature stays at or above 40°F for 15 minutes. The backup power includes a 9V NiCad rechargeable battery.

Why Everest Refrigeration?

Since 1965, Everest has innovated the foodservice refrigeration system. From dry-aging refrigerators for tender steaks to the commitment to Blizzard R290, the industry’s first all-in-one slide-out cooling cartridge, Everest has continuously led the way.everest logo

Besides their high-quality products and commitment to perpetually improving, here are just a few reasons why Memphis Ice chooses Everest refrigeration products:

  • Everest Refrigeration is Energy Star certified. Not only are their products energy-efficient, but they also save businesses money.
  • They are NSF certified, which makes them one of the safest brands on the market.
  • Their products undergo testing and evaluation with Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories (NTRL) accredited by Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). 

Ready to learn more about Everest refrigeration products and how they can benefit your business? Reach out to a seasoned tech here.

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