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everest brings the age-old art of meat maturation

back to the modern kitchen

It’s probably happened before. You’re at a fancy steakhouse, perusing the menu when you come across an interesting option: a dry-aged cut of steak.

It’s more expensive than the others, you notice, but why? You don’t inquire because you’re worried about being judged like that amateur across the room who just ordered his cut medium well.

What is dry-aging?

Basically, a dry-aged cut of meat is one that has been aged to perfection by regulating its temperature and humidity. Meat that has been dry aged is going to have better, more intense and concentrated flavors, refined texture and tenderness, and it’s going to smell ahhhh-mazing.

Comparison of Dry-Aged and Fresh MeatDid you know that even the meat you buy at the grocery store has been aged for at least 7-10 days? Why? Taste and tenderness, of course!

Beef and pork are the best types of meat to dry age. It’s best to dry age larger, whole muscles (i.e. bone-in ribeye) rather than smaller, individual cuts because they will shrink quite substantially in the process. Because it shrinks, there is less of it to sell when it’s all said and done. That (and the lengthy, precise process) is why dry-aged cuts are typically more expensive.

How is dry-aging done?

To dry-age meat, it needs to be exposed to a controlled environment with meticulous temps and humidity levels. From there, naturally occurring enzymes break down muscle tissue and rids the meat of excess water, which leaves you with a naturally flavorful product.

The whole process can be quite intimidating, especially given the exact nature of the conditions in which the meat should be aged, as well as the length of time required to make it happen, typically 21-30 days.

The good news is that you don’t have to worry about either of those if you’re using the new dry-aging refrigerator from Everest Refrigeration.

How does Everest Refrigeration make it better?

Everest Refrigeration developed a dry-aging refrigerator that makes the process easier and faster than ever. Everest dry agers use evaporator fans that cycle air in two different directions while simultaneously using infrared light to enhance the meat maturation Dry-Age Industrial Refrigeratorprocess. glass. His kids, Betsy, Jeff and Bobby, continued to run the family business–making him proud–even after his passing on April 3, 2009.

All of this is done in high quality stainless steel refrigerators to guarantee those precise temperatures and the correct humidity environment.

The Everest Dry Ager leads to a quicker dry aging process of 2-7 days versus the traditional 21-30 days.

What this means for a restaurant is greater quality control, cost savings and increased return on investment, a commercial kitchen manager’s dream.

How can Memphis Ice Machine Company help?

Memphis Ice Machine Company proudly sells and services the full line of Everest Refrigeration equipment including reach-in refrigerators and freezers, prep tables, merchandisers, and back bar equipment.

So, if you’d like to improve your dry aging process or if you’re looking for any other type of refrigeration equipment, we’ve got you covered. Reach out to us today!