ice-o-matic pearl ice machine

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here's why an ice-o-matic pearl ice machine should be on your christmas list

Not gonna lie… nugget ice—Ice-O-Matic calls it Pearl Ice®—is our favorite! It’s perfect for sodas, frozen cocktails, and chewing (guilty!).

We often hear people rave about Sonic ice. We totally get it! But what if you didn’t have to wait for a teenager on roller skates to deliver your favorite drink with “the best ice?” Spoiler alert… you don’t!

We’ve got you covered. Ice-O-Matic makes an undercounter Pearl Ice® machine designed for your home.


And believe it or not, there are some benefits to nugget ice that you may have not even thought of yet.

it's delicious

Perhaps the coolest (get it?!) — and most unique — feature we’ve noticed is that nugget ice actually absorbs the flavor of your drink. You ice chewers have probably enjoyed the flavor of your drink long after you’ve slurped the last bits of liquid up through your straw.

your dentist will thank you

In addition to absorbing flavor, nugget ice is softer and smaller, making it much easier on your teeth. You’ll no longer need to endure the dreaded lecture from your dentist about how hard chewing ice can be on your teeth.

entertaining is a breeze

Nugget ice is perfect for entertaining guests at home, for several reasons.

  • It’s small and it rarely clumps, making it easy to scoop and serve in a variety of drinks.
  • It’s size and shape causes it to conform to any surface, which helps cool things faster. This makes it perfect for keeping your food cold at family gatherings! Serve your shrimp on nugget ice, or place your salad bowl or veggie tray on ice to keep it cool and fresh.

perfect for injuries

Cook those peas and grill that steak! You no longer need to “ice” your sprained ankle with the frozen peas you found in the back of your fridge or the steak you planned to eat for dinner. Due to its small size, nugget ice perfectly conforms to your ankle, wrist, or any other surface the same way those frozen peas do. It also cools things much faster. If you look closely on the next tour you take of your favorite sports arena, you’ll probably notice a nugget ice machine on hand in the athletic training room for this very reason!

With Christmas right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to invest in a nugget ice machine for your kitchen, patio, man-cave or she-shed! They work great in- or outdoors and your guests will undoubtedly be impressed!

We’ve got them in-stock and ready for you to take home. Request a quote or contact us today!

See ya, Sonic!