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Howdy, Partner:


Everyone who’s part of Memphis Ice is family. Our employees, our customers—and our partners. We love ice machines, but it’s the people, the values, and the service that give a company its lifeblood and create longstanding relationships.

Today we want to talk about our partner, Ice-O-Matic. We’ve been a distributor and preferred servicing agent for Ice-O-Matic since the 80s. It’s an ongoing relationship we’re proud of, and today we want to tell you why.

We are proud to be partners with Ice-O-Matic because:

  • Since 1952, Ice-O-Matic has been dedicated to creating top-quality ice—and providing simple, reliable and easy-to-use commercial ice machines. Their tagline says it all: Pure and Simple.™
  • Their machines are backed by the industry’s longest warranty and top-notch support. They aren’t just devoted to reliable ice machines, but they take pride in backing up their products with excellent warranties and service networks. Plus, their extended 7-year water filter warranty program sets the industry standard. As a servicing agent, they facilitate us doing the best job possible.
  • They’re innovators. Ice-O-Matic has patented Pearl Ice® machines and led the development of new commercial technologies, including launching under-counter ice machines and introducing the AgION™ Antimicrobial Compound in their Ice Series cube ice makers. We were pleased to help test and provide feedback for their Elevation Series energy efficient ice makers.
  • All Ice-O-Matic ice machines are built in the USA, in Denver, Colorado.
  • They care about sustainability and consider the environmental impact of their business operations.

Good relationships are a big deal to us. As the world gets more technologically-advanced, we value the advancement of strong relationships just as much. And will continue to bring these relationship-based values to everyone we do ice machine repair for or sell ice machines to—and every partner we engage with.

Need an Ice-O-Matic ice maker and world-class support and service? Give us a call.