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Have an Old Ice Machine?

We'll take care of it for you!

So, you’ve got an old ice maker laying around. Maybe it’s a little past its prime, or maybe you need to get rid of the old geezer to make space for a new player in town. Whatever the case, we’ll take care of it for you!

At Memphis Ice, we’re committed to doing things right — for our customers, for our company, and for our community. Sometimes that means doing the things no one else wants to, like discarding an old ice machine.

How to Get Rid of Your Old Ice Machine

If you’re simply needing to get rid of your machine, you can give us a call. If you’re getting rid of your machine to acquire a new one, we often take credit off of your replacement purchase. For example, waiving the installation fee.

What We Look for in Old Ice Machines

When we look at ice machines that would make good contenders for those wishing to buy used, we focus on two parts. First, the condenser — an ice machine that can’t keep cool, well, just isn’t cool. Secondly, we want to inspect the evaporator plate. A broken evaporator plate is a costly repair not worth the hassle.

What We Do with Old Ice Machines

But what happens to the ice machines that are too old for their own good? Here at Memphis Ice, there’s no such thing. 

When it’s time to retire an old ice machine, we strip it down to its bare bones. Much like the Plains Indians with bison, we do our best to salvage every part and use whatever we can, assuming it’s in quality condition to do so. This helps us minimize unnecessary waste in the environment, but also have a vast collection of tools and parts to fit different ice machine needs.

Why It Makes a Difference

Take it from us: old ice machines are rarely appealing. Over years of use, and depending on how well they were cleaned, they can be horrifying. But what’s even scarier than lingering contamination is the harmful chemicals that can affect the environment if the machine isn’t disposed of properly. 

We want to keep your drinks — and the planet — as cool as possible. 

By recycling as much as we can and disposing of our ice machines properly, we maximize the life of every ice machine we meet. Now that's cool.

Have an ice machine you need to get rid of or looking for a great replacement? Give us a call today.

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