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How Does A Flake Ice Machine Work?

If you’re keeping score at home, you’ll notice we’ve talked a lot about flake ice lately. From how it’s used to what it can do for your business, we’ve covered almost every aspect of flake ice with one exception: how flake ice is made. What processes go on behind the scenes to create those lovely powdery flakes? For anyone who likes to dig into the nitty gritty, this one’s for you. Fasten your seat belts, because we’re taking a deep dive into the depths of a flake ice machine.

What Is Flake Ice?

Let’s do a quick recap. Flake ice is a soft, moldable form of ice. It’s beauty in a bucket! Flake ice has snow-like characteristics and can be packed together in a mold unlike ice cubes or pearl ice. Its superpower is that it gets things cold quickly, and keeps them cold for a long time. That’s why it’s the ice of choice for so many butchers, grocery stores, food packers, physical therapists, and hospitals. To us, flake ice is the most versatile ice there is.

How Does A Flake Ice Machine Work?

Flake ice machines operate on the same basic principles of your standard cubed ice machine, but with a few key differences. Most notably, the ICE CRUSHER. It’s not an industry standard to write it in all caps like that. It’s just fun to say ICE CRUSHER in your head like it’s a wrestler entering the ring. Give it a shot!

Here’s the breakdown of how flake ice is made:

  • Connect the flake ice machine to a water source
  • Water sprays onto the ice-making surface inside of the machine
  • A refrigeration system creates a thin sheet of ice
  • Hot gas is released through a solenoid valve into the cooling pipes, causing the ice to loosen and fall into the harvester
  • Also known as the ICE CRUSHER. The ICE CRUSHER (we’re having a blast over here) smashes the sheets to create the powdery flakes of ice
  • The ice flakes fall through a filter and into the dispensing bin where they wait to be released for use

Advantages Of Flake Ice

You probably already know the numerous advantages flake ice offers (if not, you might be interested to read our previous blog post), but did you know that flake ice machines provide a variety of benefits, too? When you buy a flake ice machine, you’re not just buying a machine that can produce a highly versatile ice type (although that’s a pretty big win in and of itself). A flake ice machine is engineered for speed, efficiency, and economy.

Here’s how:

  • Flake ice machines begin producing ice much faster than other ice machines from power off to power on. No flake it ‘til you make it, here, just super speedy flake ice ready when you need it
  • Water waste? Wouldn’t know anything about that. Flake ice machines are designed to recycle all unfrozen water and send it right back into the ice maker to optimize water usage and eliminate waste

As you can see, flake ice machines are just good business. Not only do they provide an essential service to certain industries, they also save you time and money in the process. Want to dig into the specs? Click here to view our available flake ice machines and read the details.

Keep It Cool With Flake Ice 

You work hard to keep your business on track. Don’t let a lagging ice machine slow you down. Our ice experts know how to find the best ice machine for your business’s needs. Ready to take the icy plunge? We’re here to help. From rental equipment to full service repairs, we know ice inside and out. Contact us today!

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