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Increase the Lifespan of Your Investment: How To Maintain Commercial Kitchen Equipment

At Memphis Ice, we know how important investments like a commercial refrigerator, freezer, and coolers are to your business. That’s why it’s essential to maintain them!

Preventative refrigeration maintenance

Before we get started, make sure you understand this key tip: always reference your equipment owner’s manual for proper basic cleaning and maintenance cycles. Manufacturer recommendations vary, and that’s why you need to verify them before getting started. It helps you establish a minimum maintenance baseline. 

Generally speaking, proactive maintenance inspection and services can be done about three to four times per year. This is entirely dependent on the type of equipment, industry, and usage. 

Other simpler tasks, like cleaning your refrigerator’s handles, shelves, or ice maker, need to be completed weekly, if not daily. 

Here are three powerful reasons why preventive refrigeration maintenance is the right choice.


Proper preventive maintenance is key to extend the lifespan of your investment as long as possible. When you take the time to treat your equipment right, it treats you right. You and I both know your kitchen’s refrigerator is more than a machine. It’s your kitchen’s humming heartbeat. No fridge? No business.

Equipment placement matters. If your equipment doesn’t have the clearance to drain or vent, the lifespan of your product diminishes. 

Instead of reacting to a lemon that’s always breaking down, be proactive. It’s all down to three simple factors: Inspect, clean, repeat.


Broken equipment leads to high labor costs and lower revenue. Instead of working hard to serve your customers, you’re paying a premium price to repair and service your equipment when tragedy strikes. 

Daily upkeep is a great way to be proactive. Inspect your equipment on a regular basis and pay careful attention to gaskets, filters, and otherwise hidden components of your equipment. If you see a problem, solve it immediately. 

Spend a little money and time now and save so much more in the long run.


Clean refrigeration is healthy refrigeration. If you’re not careful, mold and bacteria quickly take over commercial refrigeration equipment. Believe us, we’ve seen it all. Don’t let that happen. 

Remove spoiled food. Build a tagging system so that you can keep track of food quality. Here’s a quick tip most overlook: check your fridge’s compressor and fan regularly. Dust and other gunk can impact your refrigerator’s cooling. 

Clean commercial equipment is the path to a safe, healthy work environment for your employees, and a trustworthy place for your customers to dine. 

How often should you clean and maintain your commercial equipment?

The FDA recommends common cleaning, like wiping surfaces and thoroughly washing frequently used equipment, every single day. Do not skimp! 

This means taking a long, hard look at your kitchen and following a replicable cleaning system. Of course, this extends beyond just refrigeration. Your ovens, fryers, and ventilation are just some of the commercial equipment you need to clean every day. 

Cleaning extends beyond commercial equipment as well. Do customers interact with it? Clean. Does the equipment come in contact with food and drink regularly? You know what you need to do.

Build a basic cleaning checklist and stick to it!

You’re probably already built and utilize a cleaning checklist. Good for you! If you haven’t, then there’s never a better time to start something than the present. 

A cleaning checklist is a great tool to not only clean but to stay on top of problems before they interrupt your business. For refrigerators, coolers, and freezers, here’s a simple checklist you should run down every day or at least once per week:

  • Gaskets: Inspect for splits and clean often. Dirt, dust, and grime will damage your gaskets. 
  • Floors: If you’re using walk-in units, ensure the floors are clean and dry. It’s about workplace safety folks! 
  • Coils are crucial: Inspect your commercial equipment’s condenser and evaporator coils weekly. You don’t have to clean them constantly, but it’s worth brushing or vacuuming every few weeks. Plus, checking coils often ensures you catch clogs or damage as soon as they occur.

Disinfect: recommended equipment maintenance manuals do not consider bacteria or mold growth as part of routine maintenance. But you have to. Slime, mold, and other naturally occurring problems can impact the safety of your equipment. Catch it early and clean it often.

Let the professionals take care of it for you

Routine, proactive maintenance is essential for your commercial kitchen equipment. At Memphis Ice, we pride ourselves on serving the entire greater Memphis community. We want to make sure your kitchen’s essential equipment is ready to take on the day. That’s what makes preventative maintenance so important. 

But that doesn’t mean it’s always done. Sometimes, things get in the way of proper maintenance. It happens to the best of us! That’s why we’re here. We’ll help you clean and maintain so you can focus on running your business. Click here for more information on our robust maintenance services

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