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Ask the Experts: Why Isn’t My Ice Machine Producing as Much Ice as It Normally Does?

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Ask The Experts: Why Isn’t My Ice Machine Producing As Much Ice As It Normally Does? It’s almost 6 o’clock, reservations are booked to the brim, and you can feel the night’s rush beginning to simmer. Behind the scenes, your ice machine is grinding away at a sluggish pace, not producing nearly enough ice to meet your needs for the …

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Ice-O-Matic Product Update: Meet Your New Favorite Ice Machine

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Ice-O-Matic Product Update: Meet your New favorite ice machine “Ice. Pure and Simple.”  Since the 1960s, that’s been Ice-O-Matic’s slogan, and to be honest, we couldn’t have said it better. Quality and consistency have always been at the foundation of Ice-O-Matic’s products, which is why we’ve been a proud partner and preferred servicing agent since the ‘80s. Today, we’re excited …

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Buck the Coffee Shop: 5 Iced Coffee Drinks to Make at Home

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Buck the Coffee Shop: 5 Iced Coffee Drinks to Make at Home Iced coffee—nature’s one-hour energy! Joe’s versatile beverage percolates us through meetings, baseball games, and the spring cleaning you really don’t want to do. Folks, we wrote it last week: it’s time to clean those crannies you’ve missed all winter long! Your business and customers will thank you.  We …

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Food Service: Should You Rent or Buy an Ice Maker?

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FOOD SERVICE: SHOULD YOU RENT OR BUY AN ICE MACHINE? What do ice makers and dishwashers have in common? Usually businesses only have one of each. And because of this, many businesses choose to rent vs. own these pieces of equipment. Today we’re going to talk a little more about this and answer the question: Should you rent or buy an ice maker? …