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The Newest Advancement in Food Safety: The SafeIce Purification System From Ice-O-Matic!

Since 1952, Ice-O-Matic has been revolutionizing the ice machine industry with innovative features that make customer’s lives easier. Nowadays, the trend continues. This American company, and proud partner of Memphis Ice since the 1980s, has pushed the boundaries of commercial ice machines again with the SafeIce Purification System on its line of CIM Series Ice Machines. This brand new advancement guarantees safe and sterile ice from the bin up. The cleanest machines on the market just got cleaner.

Destroy microbes, viruses, and bacteria

SafeIce Purification System from Ice-O-MaticThe SafeIce Purification forms a constant protective layer of sterile air over your ice bin, preventing the formation of slime, mold, and yeast. This is a powerful feature, and solves a problem we wrote about in a different blog, How to Prevent Slime in an Ice Machine. Now, you don’t have to! SafeIce Purification does it for you. 

One of the biggest challenges of ice bins is keeping them contaminant-free and sterile. It requires your team following protocol, sanitizing regularly, and adhering to proper storage guidelines. Even if all of that goes right, microbes can still find their way into your ice bin. 

But not anymore.

The SafeIce purification system destroys common microbes, viruses, and bacteria, like the Coronavirus or influenza.

Maintenance, managed

SafeIce purification even sanitizes hard to reach places you may otherwise miss, and boosts the lifespan of your investment by up to 30%. After all, maintenance is one of the most important things you can do to protect your investment. Now, some of that maintenance is handled for you, reducing service calls and increasing your machine’s productivity.

Passive purification, 24/7

As an added bonus, the SafeIce purification system eliminates common ice machine odors. Day and night, from open to close, you can enjoy passive purification in your ice machine and ensure the safest ice for you and your customers.

Request a quote today!

The SafeIce purification system is a simple, maintenance-free design with easy annual bulb replacement. It’s available for all 2021 30" and 48" Elevation Series machines and a must-have add-on for any new 30" or 48" CIM Series installation. 

Request a quote today and start serving the safest ice available on the market.

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