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Pebble, pearl, nugget. We’ve heard it all. No, it has nothing to do with curling! But it has everything to do with enjoying a nice, refreshing beverage that’s as nostalgic as it is satisfying.

In this blog, learn the details behind pebble ice, why it’s different from normal cube ice we know and love, and how you can make your own right in your home or business!

The origins of pebble ice

Pearl Ice in a tall glassPebble ice is a textural experience. It’s an incredibly unique sensation! Not only is it easier on your teeth, but it can also absorb the liquid around it, creating an even more interesting drink. But where did it come from? Why did people create this ice? 

The answer is simple: hospitals needed softer ice for patients. Traditional cube ice was too hard! Patients needed water, and traditional cubed ice made it difficult for some patients to drink from a cup and swallow. Instead, patients relied on pebble ice to stay hydrated. In fact, it’s still the most popular ice in both the hospital and hospitality industries for the same exact reason.

Is pebble ice different from pearl ice?

Absolutely not. It’s the same dang thing. Pebble ice is pearl ice, and from now on, we’ll be referring to it as such. Just so we’re clear, here are all of the various terms for Pearl Ice:

  • Pebble Ice
  • Nugget Ice
  • Chewable Ice
  • Sonic Ice
  • Pellet Ice

Like any language or term, the origin of its usage is key. Some regions of the world, the United States included, prefer calling Pearl Ice by a different name.

How can you get pearl ice right now?

We offer a powerful pearl ice machine from Ice-O-Matic, the most trusted name in ice machines. It’s why we’ve worked with them for over 40 years and it’s how we’ve supplied Memphis with the best commercial and residential ice machines on the market ever since. Instead of sitting in the drive-thru or going out to a restaurant, you can bring the pearl ice home right now and enjoy it whenever you want. Look, we love the classic cubed ice. But pearl ice is special. 

Pearl Ice Machines from Ice-O-Matic

Our powerful line of modular, dispenser, and under counter pearl ice machines.

Contact our team of service experts today to learn more about how you can get your very own under-counter pearl ice machine. It’s time to make every drink a treat.

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