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Our Most Popular Ice Machine and Dispenser For Professional Offices

Whether you’re looking to buy or rent, an ice machine is an invaluable addition to your office. In this blog, You’ll find the information you need to not only make an informed purchase, but also to understand why your friend’s office recently picked up this new ice machine that produces the best ice they’ve ever had.

If you’re a professional office manager, I’m sure “Should I rent or buy my ice maker for this office?” crosses your mind often. We’re to tell you right off the bat that yes, you should add an ice maker or machine to your office. Big or small, it can be a fantastic addition to you and your team’s daily work routine. 

Before we get started, think big picture. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How many employees work in the office on a weekly basis?
  • Do you have a dedicated food preparation space?
  • Do you have a floor drain?
  • Do you have the need for more than one ice maker?

There’s a lot to consider, which is why we write these blogs (check out our blog, The Scoop, for more!) and offer dedicated customer support during our business hours. You don’t have to make a big decision like this alone.

Our Most Popular Ice Machine for Professional Offices: The Pearl Ice Maker

Ice machines are certainly not one size fits all. The bigger the office, the bigger the machine! We offer a few pearl ice makers here at Memphis Ice, but two stand above the rest: the UGC Undercounter Pearl Ice Machine and the Pearl Ice and Water Dispenser. 

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There are two main reasons why offices love the pearl ice maker: convenience and sound. A pearl ice maker in the office is the perfect way to get the best ice around in the fastest way possible. It turns a normal beverage into a wonderful experience. Arguably the best part about our pearl ice makers is that they are quiet! Compared to other ice machines, there are hardly any cranks, clunks, or shunks. You get the best ice in the least disruptive way. This is a work perk your team will love and won’t want to work without. 

The Ice-O-Matic Undercounter Pearl Ice Maker features up to 85 pounds of production and 22 pounds of storage. It’s whisper quiet and can be plugged in almost anywhere! The model you’re looking for is GEMU090. 

Our combo pearl ice and water dispenser from Ice-O-Matic is the touch-free, delicious pearl ice machine that will transform your tea, water, and coffee in the workplace. It’s a thin ice machine compared to larger models, produces over 270 pounds of ice per day—that’s over 11 pounds of ice per hour! That’s fantastic for medium-sized or larger offices. And in today’s world, that touch-free dispenser is just great. One less button to wipe down. Plus, when it’s time to clean the ice machine, that plastic ice chute is easy to remove and clean! 

If you’re looking for our favorite ice maker that produces the ice you need for a bigger office, then the combo pearl ice and water dispenser is it. Ask about our GEMD270 model!

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Why Pearl Ice?

This is the ice you love from some of your favorite restaurants, like Sonic or Chick-Fil-A. It’s like its own food! Regular cubed ice from your refrigerator forms differently, resulting in a different texture and faster melting point. Pearl ice is more compact than regular ice, absorbs liquid, and somehow still melts slower! It’s miracle ice. And that’s why it’s time you bring it to the office. Your team will love you for it.

We Partner With Ice-O-Matic So You Can Get The Best Ice Machines For Your Office

As the only Ice-O-Matic distributor in the MidSouth, we’re proud to service this top-tier manufacturer. Their seamless designs are consistent across models and environmentally flexible so that any machine can work in almost any sized office.

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