Our Most Popular Ice Machines by Industry and Workplace

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Our Most Popular Ice Machines by Industry and Workplace

So, you’re in the market for a commercial ice machine. We’ve created a list of our most popular ice machines by industry and workplace to provide you insight on favorites among other business owners just like you.

If you’ve browsed our Equipment page, you know that we offer a vast selection of ice makers and storage parts for multiple industries with unique ice needs. But even if you’ve completed your commercial ice machine installation checklist and determined the required size for your ice machine, you might still be searching for a little more insight.

That’s where we come in.  

But first thing’s first: let’s talk about Ice-O-Matic. As the only Ice-O-Matic distributor in the Mid-South, we’re proud to service this top-tier manufacturer. Ice-O-Matic machines reflect their tagline: “Ice. Pure and Simple.” Their seamless designs are consistent across models and environmentally flexible so that any machine can work in a variety of settings. 

That being said, let’s dive on in!

Food Service

While the amount of ice you need will depend on your establishment (for example, a small bistro will need far less than a popular chain), most of the ice machines we install in restaurants are in the 500 to 600-pound cube ice range. 

The Elevation Series Cube Ice Maker exceeds the expectations for ice machines in the areas of both sustainability and sanitation. These Ice-O-Matic ice machines are 20% more energy efficient than other machines and provide an environmentally friendly alternative with BPA-free plastic and recyclable parts.

In addition, their Plastic Food Zone eliminates hard-to-clean nooks and crannies, allowing for effortless wipe down and easy, long-lasting sanitation. Simple, one-touch controls paired with a smart LED light alerts users of the machine status, indicating when it’s time to give your machine a good clean.

Paired with the ice machine, we also often install the Ice-O-Matic B55 Ice Storage Bin. The conventionally built design features a built-in scoop holder and tightly sealed bin that provide ease of access and ensure safely preserved fresh ice.


For our clients in the hospitality industry, the CD40030/40130/40530 Cube Ice Dispenser is our most popular machine. This rugged, built-to-last machine has fingerprint-proof dispensing areas and an oversized sink for large containers.

The Power Clean feature allows access to the bin for easy cleaning without the burden of relocating the ice machine to fully wipe it down.


For those in the healthcare industry, there are many popular options that truly vary based on the establishment’s needs. The most common factors include:

  • How big the building is (how much space does the building allot for an ice machine?)
  • Who the ice will be produced for (will the ice be for staff, patients, guests, or everyone?)
  • Amount of people on the floor (what is the estimated number of people who will be using the ice?)

Secondly, while the previously mentioned industries will typically go for your classic cube ice, flake and pearl ice are going to be your most popular options among healthcare settings. This is because both of these types of ice consist of soft textures, melt slower, are easier to eat, and can be used for cold compressions and have many other benefits.


Lastly, office settings are most likely to choose a Pearl Ice Maker. This convenient, under-counter machine is a fan favorite for many. Between its quiet operations and deliciously chewy Sonic-like ice, this ice machine comes with endless drink possibilities, ways of enriching your environment and can pair excellently with healthy smoothies. A pearl ice machine is definitely a work perk your employees will love.

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