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The Perfect Ice Machine to Fuel a Nutritious and Healthy Lifestyle: The Pearl Ice Machine from Ice-O-Matic

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The Perfect Ice Machine to Fuel a Nutritious and Healthy Lifestyle

Say Hello to the Ice-O-Matic Pearl Ice Machine

Our bodies and our ice machines have one big thing in common: we want them to be in tip-top condition. Herbal teas, protein-packed smoothies, and tasty treats can play a big role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. But the same way that we often seek out the freshest ingredients with the maximum amount of nutrients in our diet, having the perfect ice machine to fuel your active lifestyle can be a complete game-changer — and enrich your energy-boosting beverages all the more.

So, what’s our pick? 

It’s a no brainer — the Ice-O-Matic Pearl Ice Machine.

This compact ice machine is perfect for your home, office, or business. At a rate of 85 pounds per day in some models, this machine makes crave-worthy ice that perfectly satisfies your smoothie, tea, or other sip of choice.

The Ice

Because pearl ice (also known as nugget ice or “Sonic ice”) is a drier form of ice than your standard ice, it offers a slew of benefits that enhance health-conscious drinks.

Firstly, drier ice means slower melting rates. You don’t have to worry about your beverage becoming watered down quickly.

Secondly, the crunchy nuggets of ice soak in all the flavors of your drink — and trust us, it’s delicious.

Thirdly, the Ice-O-Matic Pearl Ice machine ice is soft and chewable, making you and your dentist happy campers.

But enough about the ice… Let’s talk about the machine itself.

The Machine

In addition to creating the tastiest ice on the planet, the Ice-O-Matic Pearl Ice Machine is quiet. Silent, smooth operations go underway without the jolting and sudden tumbles frequently common with other ice machines. Because the ice is dry, it doesn’t confiscate the inner workings of the machine, making it perfect for establishments seeking an automatic dispenser.

The Installation

The Ice-O-Matic Pearl Ice Machine comes in a variety of sizes with varying outputs. From the undercounter model to the compact dispenser, you can see our different ice machines here.

If you would like to rent or buy one of these fan-favorite machines for your tea lounge, gym cafe, or other business establishment, be sure to take a look through our handy ice machine installation checklist to ensure that you meet that your desired space meets the requirements.

The Maintenance

Remember: just like our bodies, we want our ice machines to be in tip-top condition. Cleaning and maintaining your ice machine is an integral part of ensuring it lives a long and healthy life! 

We recommend cleaning your ice machine every 6 months. To maximize your ice maker’s lifespan, you can join our ice machine cleaning program, where you can sign up for quarterly, bi-annual, or annual cleanings. It’s simple. We put you on a schedule, let you know when you’re due, remind you, and then come out. There is no contractual obligation and you get reduced flat-rate fees.

The Bottomline

The Ice-O-Matic, Pearl Ice® is perfect addition to any smoothie, tea, or beverage. A widely popular consumer favorite for drinks of all sorts, Pearl Ice is soft, long-lasting and chewable. 

Ready to provide a unique ice that pleases patrons or wows your guests at home? Reach out and we’ll help you find the best Pearl Ice machine for your needs!

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