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Putting Your Ice Machine Outside?

bad idea!

It’s starting to warm up, and in Memphis it gets hot! Damn hot. Real hot! Hottest things is my shorts… We’ll stop there. Good Morning, Vietnam anyone?

Anyway, you get the picture.

That’s just one reason we don’t recommend putting your commercial ice machines outside, unless it’s one of the few rated for outdoor use. It’s not a controlled environment in terms of temperature or air quality. You’re going to make it work way too hard. If it’s too hot or too cold, you won’t get the quality ice you expect from a commercial ice machine. To work at their best, ice machines need a cool, low-humidity environment in order for everything to continue working properly. We recommend keeping them inside in a temperature-controlled and protected area.

Speaking of protection… We assume you want to keep your commercial ice machine. Thieves are not picky when it comes to what they’ll take. Regardless of how secure you think your ice machine is, it’s probably nothing a heavy duty pair of wire cutters can’t break through. There are some expensive parts in an ice maker that can get up and walk away if it isn’t secure.

fox in an ice machine


Not to mention that you consume the ice that machine puts out. If it is outside, unsecured you don’t know who or what has been in that ice machine. I think we can agree that’s not something that anyone wants!

Finally, the issues that arise with having your ice machine outside typically aren’t covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. So, in a repair scenario you are leaving money on the table.

An ice machine is typically a 10 year investment. It all comes down to treating it as such!

To keep it simple and to continue producing the best ice for your customers and friends, just remember these three things:

  1. Air Temperature is Crucial
  2. Security is Key
  3. That said, if you’ve been forced into having an ice machine outside, we are still here for you!

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