The Best Choice For Retail: Indoor or Outdoor Ice Merchandisers

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The Best Choice For Retail: Indoor or Outdoor Ice Merchandisers

Are you thinking of expanding your business into the coolest commodity out there? If you’re looking to sell ice, look no further than ice merchandisers.

You can install an ice merchandiser inside or outside your business. Unlike an ice house or ice kiosk, ice merchandisers are designed so customers can help themselves to bagged ice stored in an ice cold freezer. Your customers won’t have to provide their own containers, and you can offer a quick, convenient solution.

What To Look For In An Ice Merchandiser

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current ice vending machine or install a new one, keep in mind that there are two different ways an ice merchandiser is designed to maintain an ice cold interior temperature. 

One isn’t more effective than the other (your ice will remain frozen either way). But there are a few key differences that you should know before you take the plunge. So let’s talk about cold wall refrigeration and automatic defrost. 

Cold Wall Refrigeration

The big takeaway from cold wall refrigeration is that merchandisers that use this system will have condensation buildup on the walls. The culprit here is the series of copper wires running through the walls to keep everything ice cold, which in turn produces a lot of moisture, humidity, and condensation. 

Don’t let a little condensation turn you off, though. The cold wall refrigeration system design is effective. Just keep in mind that you’ll need to clean and defrost the walls regularly to ensure the machine stays in tip-top shape. 

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Automatic Defrost

Forget the copper wires here. For automatic defrost machines, forced air refrigeration systems pump cold air into the cabinet using fans. This means the amount of condensation inside is significantly lower than with a cold wall refrigeration system. Less condensation, less humidity, less cleaning for you. 

Any leftover condensation in the interior is zapped into evaporation with an automatic condensation evaporation system.

The Best Ice Vending Machine For You

Now that you know the primary difference in how ice merchandisers stay cool, it’s time to take a cold, hard look at the best ice vending machine for your business. Selling ice can be an easy way to capture additional sales and be a profitable addition to grocery stores, retailers, and convenience stores. 

Indoor Ice Merchandiser

Indoor ice merchandisers are designed to offer bagged, self-serve ice to customers. 

The main design difference between indoor and outdoor merchandisers is that indoor models have glass doors. But don’t let the reputation of glass lead you to think this design is fragile. Indoor units are fitted with triple pane, tempered safety glass doors for extra durability. The glass door openings have high impact vinyl breaker strips, which gives impact resistance and durability. 

Indoor units are a great addition to retailers that want the convenience of bagged ice in-store. You don’t have to worry about harsh weather taking its toll on the merchandiser over time, and your customers will appreciate the convenience of in-store service.

You can check out Memphis Ice’s indoor ice merchandiser here, and see all the specifications and custom options available.

Outdoor Ice Merchandiser

Outdoor ice merchandisers are designed for durability and efficiency. These units are commonly seen near store entrances, and customers can pick up a bag of ice on their way in or out of the store. 

Unlike the indoor merchandiser, the outdoor units are exposed to the elements all day and night, so there are a few key differences in design. 

For starters, the doors are constructed of hot-dipped galvanized top-coated steel with premium fluorocarbon paint. Cold air doesn’t stand a chance to escape, which means higher efficiency for  the unit, and ice that stays crisp and dry. 

Speaking of dry, remember that chat we had about humidity and condensation? Outdoor units have low temperature sealed condensing units to fight off the extra condensation caused by hot exterior temperatures and a cold interior. 

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Finally, outdoor units have a polyurethane coating and epoxy primary designed to resist corrosion, peeling, and flaking so your outdoor ice merchandiser stays clean and is ready to serve only the best and coldest ice. 

Click here to see Memphis Ice’s outdoor ice merchandisers. You’ll find all the details and custom options available.

Memphis Ice Has The Ice Vending Machine You Need

At Memphis Ice, we know that bagged ice is a profitable addition to retailers, grocery stores, gas stations, and convenience stores. When your customers know they can access convenient, well-stocked ice, they’ll come back again and again. 

We’re here to make sure you have the best ice merchandiser for your business, so you can keep your customers happy. Schedule a call today with one of our ice experts! We’ll answer any questions and guide you to the best ice merchandiser for you and your business. 

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