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How To Fix A Commercial Ice Maker That's Not Making Ice

Your business relies on ice to keep guests happy and drinks cool. No ice, no happy customers. So if your commercial ice machine stops making ice, you can’t waste any time finding local ice machine repair service in Memphis. Customer satisfaction, your business’s reputation—it’s all on the line. 

While you’re waiting for ice machine repair technicians to resolve your ice maker’s problem, here are a few common issues with commercial ice machines that sometimes cause them to stop making ice.

Common Reasons Commercial Ice Makers Stop Producing Ice

Your commercial ice maker should produce a steady supply of clean ice. If your ice machine is working correctly, you shouldn’t experience weird smelling ice, slow ice production, strange noises from your ice machine, or discolored ice cubes. If any of those symptoms appear, you need to troubleshoot your ice machine’s problems– because something is definitely not right. 

Environmental Issues

Your ice machine’s environment–where it’s physically located and how it’s set up– can affect the ice production. Environmental issues are usually the culprit when ice makers stop producing ice. So run through this quick checklist of external issues before you contact an ice repair expert. 

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Electricity Issues

Check that your ice machine is plugged in. This may seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many repair techs arrive on scene just to find the plug is loose or the electrical breaker has been thrown. Pretty embarrassing, right? While you’re at it, think about whether your building has experienced power outages or electrical issues with the breaker recently. These kinds of electric issues can lead to loss of power to your ice machine.

Temperature Issues

You’ll need to check two temperatures here. First, check the internal temperature of the ice machine. Ice production can slow if the internal thermostat isn’t set to the right temperature. Next, check the temperature of the ice maker’s environment. If the ice machine gets really hot (such as in a hot kitchen) or really cold (like outside in the winter) it won’t produce ice. Period.

Water Pipe Issues

Make sure your ice machine is getting enough water. If the water line isn’t serving up enough water, your ice machine won’t have the raw materials to make ice properly (if at all). So double check your pipes and find out if your water has been turned off recently or if there are any nearby waterline clogs or repairs.

Ventilation Issues

Make sure that your ice machine’s vents aren’t blocked and there’s good airflow around it. When your ice machine can’t circulate air, ice production will take a hit.

Technical Issues

If you run through the environmental issue checklist with no results, try defrosting your ice machine and turning it back on again. Sometimes a simple reboot is all it takes to get ice flowing again. 

If that doesn’t work, the solution is a little more nuanced. The best thing to do is call a trusted, local appliance repair technician. We don’t advise that you open up your commercial ice machine and poke around unless you’re trained with commercial equipment repair. You could end up doing more harm than good, which can drive your repair bill through the roof. So be proactive and patient, and know that help is on the way. 

In our many years of offering full service commercial ice machine repair in Memphis, we’ve known some businesses to delay calling a repair technician because the expense concerned them. While we understand that unexpected repairs can feel like a punch in the financial gut, holding out on getting repairs leads to more expense the longer you wait. 

Supplemental ice, staff inefficiencies, and compounded ice machine damage can cost a pretty penny, and do substantial damage to your bottom line. So go ahead and call a certified repair technician who can repair your ice machine quickly and professionally. 

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Cleaning and Maintenance Issues

Nobody wants dirty ice. Not you, not your customers. But if you’re not regularly cleaning and maintaining your ice machine, the inside of your equipment is probably a horror show of buildup. 

Not only can buildup can lead to dirty ice, it also overworks your ice machine and causes it to break down completely. Grease is a leading cause of ice machine buildup, but mildew and bacteria also contribute. If your ice machine is dirty, it won’t produce ice. 

If your ice machine is already damaged due to poor maintenance, it may need more than just a good cleaning. Important parts and pieces can be damaged by buildup and overwork. Once your ice machine is back in working order, you can avoid future ice machine repairs by scheduling regular cleanings and changing your ice machine filter often. 

At Memphis Ice, we make it easy to stick to a regular cleaning and maintenance schedule. Click here to check out our Preventative Maintenance Program. When you enroll, you receive regular scheduled maintenance and cleaning at a frequency that fits your business’s needs. Think of it as a small investment today that can prevent big expenses in the future. 

Looking For Commercial Ice Machine Repair in Memphis? We're the Mid-South’s Local Ice Machine Repair Experts

Running out of ice, scheduling technician calls, and accruing repair expenses distracts you from running your business. Partner with your Memphis-area full service repair technicians to take the stress out of commercial appliance maintenance and repair. We’ve been taking care of Memphis’s ice needs for years, and we can take care of you and your business, too. Schedule a call today to talk to an ice expert about repairs, buying an ice machine, or enrolling in our Preventative Maintenance Program.  

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