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Read Before You Buy: The Ultimate Guide To Restaurant Refrigeration

Commercial kitchens have unique needs when it comes to restaurant refrigeration. In the world of food service, efficiency is key and space is at a premium. You need commercial kitchen equipment that optimizes your workflow and allows your team to work quickly to keep up with demand. 

Restaurant refrigeration includes refrigerators and freezers, and there are many types of commercial refrigeration units. From compact chef bases to large reach-in refrigerators, you’ll need to select the right refrigeration option for your kitchen to have a well-organized food service business.

Types Of Restaurant Refrigeration

Upright Reach-In Refrigerators & Freezers

When you think of restaurant refrigeration, this is probably what comes to mind. Reach-in refrigerators and freezers have large storage capacity for keeping food cool and are designed with many different sections for optimal storage. 

Commercial refrigerators are designed to maintain an internal temperature between 34°F and 40°F. If you think that’s a cool number, commercial freezers have to maintain temperatures between -10°F and 0°F. To ensure your food stays at a safe holding temperature and to avoid overworking your refrigeration equipment, it’s best to install refrigerators and freezers away from the intense heat of commercial kitchen spaces. The best place for installation is near the back of the kitchen in a well-ventilated area. 

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Chef Bases & Prep Tables

Think of these as a refrigerator, freezer, and food prep space all in one. 

Chef bases are portable refrigerated or freezer drawers that keep ingredients fresh and on-hand. No running back and forth to the refrigerator units—you’ve got everything you need right next to you. 

Similar to chef bases, prep tables are larger units that cool and organize ingredients. These are ideal for pizza and sandwich preparation since they require an assortment of cooled ingredients. With prep tables, you can prepare ingredients beforehand to keep the line moving even during peak service hours. 

Worried about space? Prep tables come in a variety of configurations so your kitchen space is optimized for efficiency no matter what. 

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Display Cases

When you’re ready to show off, you need a display case. Display cases are refrigerated units with glass doors that allow you to display food and drinks without compromising the internal temperature.

Counter top displays are the most common, and are ideal for keeping food organized and refrigerated while on display. This type of unit allows for easy access to food thanks to sliding glass doors.

Glass Merchandisers

Merchandisers are the self-serve solution for retail spaces and restaurants alike. Glass merchandisers allow customers to see inside the unit and give easy access to soft drinks and snacks. 

Glass door refrigerators are perfect for soft drinks and prepared food or snacks in convenience stores, restaurants, office spaces, hotels, and retailers. Glass door freezers keep items like ice cream at the perfect temperature while still being on-hand for self-service. 

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Undercounter refrigerators and freezers save valuable space in your commercial kitchen with their compact design. These units keep food and drinks cool and conveniently located right beneath your workspace. 

Pro tip: look for units with rounded corners to avoid injury to employees on sharp corners and edges. 

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