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Ice Maker Not Making Ice? Try These Five Simple Steps

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Ice Maker Not Making Ice? Try These Five Simple StepsIs your ice maker not making ice? There are few feelings as frustrating as walking up to your refrigerator or dedicated ice maker, pressing your cup up against the lever, and hearing a faint but telltale “brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr” sound. You’re supposed to get ice. Instead, you get nothing. Or, worse yet, there’s …

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Five Ideas to Throw the Best Tailgate in the MidSouth

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Five Ideas to Throw the Best Tailgate in the MidSouthThe kids have been back in school for some time. You step outside in the morning and feel the crisp cool air. You can even take a nice walk without melting! That means Fall is on the horizon here in the MidSouth, and with the changing leaves comes the perfect opportunity …

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Your Refrigerator’s Ice Machine: Ten Steps To Clean Your Ice Maker and Water Dispenser

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Your Refrigerator’s Ice Machine: Ten Steps to Clean Your Ice Maker and Water DispenserWhen’s the last time you thoroughly inspected and cleaned your refrigerator? Our money’s on a while. Most people never think to check the cleanliness of fridges and freezers. They’re cold! How nasty could they be?  Well, it turns out, it can get pretty nasty. But that’s what …

1950s white woman standing in front of a vintage refrigerator. The photo is is not colourized.

The Birth of The Refrigerator: How We All Ended Up With One

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The Birth of The Refrigerator: How We All Ended Up With OneThis blog is part two of a two-part series from Memphis Ice about the beginning’s beginning of the refrigerator we all know and love. From ancient history to modern times, discover our ancestor’s fascinating journey to safe and sustainable cold storage.  Missed part one? Click here to read it. …

15 Old Refrigerators stored in an open space.

The Birth of the Refrigerator: Where Do They Come From?

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The Birth of the Refrigerator: Where Do They Come From?The birth of refrigeration does not begin with the modern refrigerator. In fact, the appliance we use in our homes and businesses to keep things cold and frozen didn’t become a global household staple until around 100 years ago. Before the dawn of the fridge age, society had various natural and …

social distancing cookout benefitted by ice tricks and tips

Ice Tricks and Social Distancing Tips for Your Next Cookout

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ice tricks and social distancing tipsfor your next cookoutIt’s time to fire up the grill, place your protein of choice onto those red-hot grids, and let the aroma of a summertime cookout fill the air. And we all know what great food calls for: great people to share it with.  Although we can’t ignore the pandemic happening in our world …

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The Scoop on Ice Bins

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the scoop on ice binstips on cleaning and maintaining your ice storageWe’re not the first to say it and we won’t be the last: We’re living in a strange time right now. After serving the Mid-South for more than 35 years, it’s clear that we’ve never been in a situation quite like this one. However, while our current circumstances feel …

Customer Feature: Malco Theatres—It’s a Family Thing

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Customer Feature:malco theatres—it’s a family thingAs a family-owned business, Memphis Ice Machine Company is proud to feature another in Malco Theatres as we celebrate their growth, development, and investment in our Memphis community. Malco Theatres, Inc. named a new President and COO last week. David Tashie brings vision and big plans for the company as it continues to expand across the Mid-South. David …

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Everest Brings the Age-Old Art of Meat Maturation to the Modern Kitchen

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everest brings the age-old art of meat maturationback to the modern kitchenIt’s probably happened before. You’re at a fancy steakhouse, perusing the menu when you come across an interesting option: a dry-aged cut of steak. It’s more expensive than the others, you notice, but why? You don’t inquire because you’re worried about being judged like that amateur across the room …

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The Chilling History of Ice Machines

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the chilling history of ice machinesand how far we’ve come alongAt Memphis Ice Co., we don’t just sell ice machines…we are ice machine aficionados (we like that word better than “geeks” although the latter could also be considered true). We think ice making is pretty darn fascinating—from its beginnings in the 1700s to where it is today. These days, our …