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The Pellet Ice Maker For The Home: The UGC Pearl Ice Machine From Ice-O-Matic

Pellet ice goes by many names, as do pellet ice maker products. Here at Memphis Ice, we refer to it as pearl ice. What you call it doesn’t change the fact that this ice is unique and arguably better for cooling and enjoying than traditional cube ice. 

In this blog post, we’ll cover two pearl ice machines available here at Memphis Ice and why you should consider renting or buying one for your home or business.

What is a pearl ice maker?

A pearl ice maker is a game-changer for producing small, Sonic-like ice. If you want it at home or at work, then good news! We have them in stock and ready for you as soon as tomorrow.

Our customers use pearl ice for all sorts of applications, including:

  • Keeping fish, produce, or meat cool and fresh
  • Adding to alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages for slower melting times and cooler sips
  • As a refreshing, safer alternative to crunching on traditional ice cubes

The top reasons to rent or own a pearl ice maker


Depending on the machine, you can enjoy up to several hundred pounds of chewy pearl ice every single day. And plus, it’s super fast. While ice trays and refrigerator ice machines take several hours to produce ice, pearl ice machines take just minutes!


No matter your space, we have a pearl ice machine that meets your needs—for countertops, under counters, and even commercial kitchens. 


Pearl ice makers are relatively easy to clean and super-efficient. Because the countertop and under-counter ice machine use your own existing water supply and outlets, you won’t have to install new water lines or industrial-grade outlets.

The Undercounter Pearl Ice Machine

UGC undercounter pearl ice machine

The best pearl ice in the biz.

This is one of our most popular machines for a reason. Soft, chewable ice is made fresh with Ice-O-Matic’s Pure Ice Technology that filters and prevents bacteria and microbe growth for full protection. Clean, quiet, and fun, that’s the Undercounter Pearl Ice Machine. It can even be installed outdoors!  

Here’s an information sheet on this machine. It’s chock full of the information you need to make an informed purchase or rental decision. And when you’re ready to talk shop, just request a quote.

The Pearl Ice and Water Dispenser

Pearl Ice water dispenser

Our most popular workhorse.

Highly rated and recommended for office and home use, this machine boasts a touch-free dispenser that fits right on your countertop with 12 pounds of storage. Plus, it makes ice incredibly quickly! This little guy’s quite the workhorse, capable of producing just over 11 pounds of ice per hour.

Here’s the spec sheet on this powerful machine, where you’ll find everything from features and design to warranty information. And when you’re ready to add this beauty to your kitchen, just request a quote.

Why choose a local, full-service distributor like Memphis Ice?

We’ve been happy making our customers happy for over 40 years. We do this through selling products we believe in and treating our customers with the respect and care they deserve. Everyone needs ice, and we’re happy to provide and service the machines to make it. 

Read the 7 reasons why you should partner with a local, full-service distributor like us! 

When you’re a Memphis Ice customer, you’re also a member of our family. We take care of our own. We’ll take care of you and your ice machine, too. Buy or rent today!

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