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3 Reasons Why Nugget Ice Makers Are "So Expensive"

Pearl ice, nugget ice, pebble ice—whatever you want to call it, it’s dang good for your family, friends, customers, and patients. It’s the ultimate crowd-pleasing ice you need to munch on to believe! But why are nugget ice makers “so expensive”? 

For the rest of this blog, we’ll be referring to nugget ice as pearl ice. 

Just because pearl ice is delicious, doesn’t always mean a pearl ice machine is the right investment for you.

Let’s talk about why a pearl ice machine might be right for you. And at the end of the blog, we’ll talk about two ways you can make that happen.

1. They’re not your average ice machine

Ice machines seem to work the same way. It’s a machine that makes ice, right? Plug it in and watch that baby go! How complex can it be?

Turns out, for some machines, it gets pretty complex. This is a big reason why a pearl ice machine is more expensive to purchase outright than your average ice machine. 

Most ice you consume is frozen in an ice tray, molded, or carved from a bigger chunk of ice. And for some cases, it gets the job done. But the ice made with these methods fails to freeze properly, resulting in ice that’s cloudy, loud, and melts way too fast. 

Pearl ice machines, on the other hand, freeze their ice a bit differently. And we think for the better. It’s formed by thin flakes of ice compressed into a dense, compact mass. That right there gets rid of the air and empty space in the ice—no more loud, clinking ice. Next, it’s pushed through round holes punched in a metal sheet. This is where its smooth and cylindrical shape comes from. And thanks to its density and shape, pearl ice melts slower! 

Different sizes, textures, and structures mean you enjoy a unique kind of ice that will change the way you enjoy beverages.

2. Size matters

The bigger the pearl ice machine, the bigger the price tag. Depending on your situation, that could translate to much more long-term value. Let’s talk about why.

When you purchase an appliance, you get the product that best fits your needs at that time and possibly into the future. You need to future proof that ice too, especially if you’re a growing business. That’s why we offer several sizes to accommodate any homes, offices, or restaurants! 

At Memphis Ice, we offer modular, professional-grade pearl ice machines that produce ice 24/7 with bins ranging from 500 to 1300 pounds. That’s the big bud of the bunch. Ideal for the larger operations, like hospitality or restaurants. 

But don’t worry, if you’re at home or in an office, we have you covered. Space and volume are something you need to consider, which is why we carry under counter and countertop pearl ice machines. They’re compact, produce a modest yet very serviceable amount of ice per day, and can be stored in a variety of places. 

Click here to view our full product list of Pearl ice machines.

3. Longevity

Pearl ice makers are built to last. There are few industrial-grade machines that can run continuously and produce at peak performance like an Ice-O-Matic’s machine. With proper maintenance and cleaning, a pearl ice machine can last for up to a decade or more. If you’re concerned about that maintenance and cleaning, don’t worry—we offer a comprehensive maintenance and cleaning service just for people like yourself. 

Click here to learn about our on-site service, repair, and preventative maintenance program.

Should You Buy a Pearl Ice Maker from Memphis Ice?

If you’ve reached this part of the blog, you’re probably in the market for an ice machine. Our recommendation is yes—you should invest in a pearl ice maker. 

But if you’re still on the fence about purchasing the machine, there is another option: rent. 

For as little as $4 a day, you bring restaurant-quality ice home. Do you know that Sonic ice people can’t get enough of? That’s pearl ice! You could have that in your kitchen, office, or restaurant anytime you want. 

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And if you’re ready to talk with one of our dedicated service experts about your very own ice machine, click here.

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