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Industrial vs Commercial Ice Machines: Which one is right for your business?

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Industrial vs Commercial Ice Machines: Which one is right for your business?Industrial or commercial—what’s the difference? In the world of ice machines, the difference is actually pretty significant. When you’re looking to buy an industrial ice machine, buying a commercial ice machine instead simply won’t cut it—and vice versa. Even though both types of machines produce more ice than the …


Restaurant Refrigeration: The Ultimate Guide

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Read Before You Buy: The Ultimate Guide To Restaurant RefrigerationCommercial kitchens have unique needs when it comes to restaurant refrigeration. In the world of food service, efficiency is key and space is at a premium. You need commercial kitchen equipment that optimizes your workflow and allows your team to work quickly to keep up with demand.  Restaurant refrigeration includes refrigerators …

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Directional Freezing is a Fun Way to Create Crystal Clear Ice at Home!

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Directional Freezing is a Fun Way to Create Crystal Clear Ice at Home!Directional freezing is simple, straightforward, and quite fun to try at home. Simply put, you can control how ice freezes. By now I’m sure you’re aware of the difference between the cloudy ice in your fridge and the crystal clear ice at bars and restaurants. There’s a clear …

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Ask the Experts: Is Pebble Ice Different from Pearl Ice?

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ASK THE EXPERTS: IS PEBBLE ICE DIFFERENT FROM PEARL ICE?Pebble, pearl, nugget. We’ve heard it all. No, it has nothing to do with curling! But it has everything to do with enjoying a nice, refreshing beverage that’s as nostalgic as it is satisfying. In this blog, learn the details behind pebble ice, why it’s different from normal cube ice we …

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How Bad Is Chewing Ice For Your Teeth? Five Tips to Curb the Habit for Good

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How Bad is Chewing Ice for Your Teeth? Five Tips to Curb The Habit for Good!We love all things ice here at Memphis Ice. However, everything must be enjoyed in moderation. Nothing beats a crisp, refreshing beverage with crystal clear ice after a long, hot Memphis Summer day. Heck, we’ll gladly enjoy an iced espresso in the middle of January!  …

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8 Cool and Unusual Uses for Ice

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8 cool and unusual usesfor iceWe don’t just sell ice machines; we love ice machines! From being experts in the history of ice makers to helping develop new energy saving models of ice machines, we pay attention to all things ice-related…which is where today’s post comes from… Ice isn’t just good for cooling a drink or filling a cooler. Here are 8 cool …